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  2. Le Mans 66 I really loved it. Proper old school buddy movie with two loveable stubborn bastards and the greatest story, the pursuit of excellence. I cried at the end. 3.5
  3. So it actually happened, The Departed beat Infernal Affairs. Fucks wrong with you people?
  4. Just been chasing chickens....last round was a tad frustrating Really enjoying the pacing of this.... However I can see how it might be frustrating to those that haven't ever played the original games and want to progress through as quick as they can. Shenmue isn't about speed.... I really find it relaxing to play. Think I'll be chopping wood in my head while I rest tonight....
  5. 1990 1. Goodfellas 2. Dreams 3. Wild At Heart 1991 1. The Fisher King 2. Only Yesterday 3, Beauty And The Beast 1992 1. Unforgiven 2. Hard Boiled 3. Reservoir Dogs 1993 1. Carlito’s Way 2. Dazed And Confused 3. Naked 1994 1. Chungking Express 2. The Last Seduction 3. Leon
  6. Later I believe, not too much after. I found myself returning to this tonight after finishing it. To anyone who has finished it...
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  8. I was just about to post my very similar review for Ready or Not; delightfully vicious! 4/5
  9. Just finished this lovely game. Final floor/endgame spoilers: Graphics, animation, sound and music are all first class, as is the puzzle and floor design, with just a few little annoying difficulty spikes here and there, and the controls are the best they've been in the series so far. I was a bit disappointed with the second game but this more than makes up for it; very well done!
  10. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    If he wanted a big move, he’s blown his audition by playing total gash since March. That Everton game was the last straw - how the fuck does a central midfielder play 90 minutes and make zero tackles ?
  11. I usually go dark on a game and avoid the threads in here and elsewhere to make it fresh as possible. On the other hand, sometimes the right spoiler in the right place can make me more intrigued to play a game I might not have had as much interest in.
  12. It's really not nonsense dude. Look at cinema attendance outside of Disney. It's through the floor.
  13. This guy was my absolute hero when I was 14
  14. Sounds like it's going to be a longterm stay for you. With each show the panel is usually different, but most of the time hosted by Leon (who is really good as a host). It's a pod that you can browse the archive and pick what games may interest you. If you really start enjoying it, sign up for the Pateron to get an extended version of each pod, sometimes up to an hour longer for each.
  15. You could, with a little effort, try something like Amibian:
  16. I just thought it was hilarious. Here’s Guru chatting about some sociopathic hitman with ice in his veins who’s armed to the teeth and Q-Tip rocks up with the goofiest set of lines you’ve ever heard.
  17. They look sweet! I too am hoping to do a Febuary event at Warhammer world. But the Adeptus Titanicus one. Got to get my painting on though. Regretting starting on Legio Fureans. They look great but take forever.
  18. "Sorry if it's not any good!" Oh come on! Your modesty is totally unjustified.
  19. Maybe I'm being charitable, but my reading of that was it was more about magical power. Felurian seemed more like a force of nature, her magic based on instinct; the initial encounter at least more about Kvothe's innate potential. I found the next thing he picked up more annoying. Seems like there's way too much left to happen in one more ook though, and I'll not be surprised if there's some annoying twist that cuts out half the story.
  20. I listened to their episode on Inside from July and thought it was great - really in-depth discussion and analysis that you don't get anywhere else. It's inspired me to play the game again. I'm not going to listen to every single episode as there are quite a few that relate to games I'm not interested in our haven't played, but the games I have enjoyed that they do episodes on I'll definitely check out. FFXII is next. Is it the same panel each time? @Stanshall, I found the Bonfireside Chat archive on Spotify earlier. There's quite a lot there! I've downloaded a few episodes on some of my favourite levels/bosses to listen to. They're about two hours long, each, so I'll be interested to see what they talk about for that long...
  21. Yesterday
  22. I can't wait for the gender flipped Granny Weatherwax. Vetinari sort of eludes to Italian City States, Roman Emperors and Machiavelli. Sure you can make a female version and make have the same characteristics, but you are somewhat missing the point. I was going to say I dislike gender swapping characters, but that's not true. I thought Starbuck in BSG was great. But I didn't really care about the original. Partly it's just immensely hard letting go of the character in your head you've had for an age. But part of it is I think it works best when you are constructing a significantly different thing than what went before. But I don't want that. I'd just like a good, straight adaption of the books.
  23. Ok that is good and I updated also. The d-pad seems much more suited to Tetris than the others. I was convinced I needed the joycon separate buttons but with some testing tonight I think this is good. i was going to flip the controller and use the joycon type buttons on the opposite side as the dpad. But then the shoulder buttons disappear obviously.
  24. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Unfortunately I don't think so - but I'm intrigued to what you wanted to try! From the patch notes you can swap the left side when updated to v1.02: 3. New function – swap Dpad and left joystick by pressing and holding LEFT+SELECT for 3 seconds (LED blinks in red once to indicate the success of the action).
  25. Ready or Not (2019) This was so good, I had such a blast with it. It reminded me of Your Next but better. A really great horror comedy with a great lead (Samara Weaving, who also stars in a film called The Babysitter which people should check out) that really plays around with horror tropes and offers up some great laughs along the way. Narrowly misses out in my top 10 (so far) of the year. 4/5
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