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  2. I expect a lot of the effects won't be really that great in the first season, since there's bound to be some budget restrictions due to the risk, same as GoT first season. As long as they nail writing and perfomances I will be happy for this first season.
  3. The final part of that trailer doesn't look too hot to me, the CGI seems off. But otherwise it looks good. Looks like we get to see Yennefer become the great sorceress she already is in the games. Edit: Ha, that's Triss who's talking to Geralt about "monsters and money" ... the racists are gonna have a field day...
  4. When it worked last night, it was pretty easy to get continuous games on the Xbone. Some people are doing some great things with the new melee stuff, makes you really think before you mantle things now. The AI bots that flesh out the squads if your missing players are such a mix bag, I had a game yesterday where it was me versus a whole squad of bots, and they were picking me apart. But when i had two bots on my team they couldn't work out how to pick up a team-mate and then decided to both glitch in a doorway until they died. As far as i know there is no way to issue waypoints or commands to your bots are there?
  5. I think it is, but even the opening scene (you know the one) implies that the anti life equation has been in Scott for a long time. Really don't know if to buy Death Of The New Gods as people say it could be related due to certain impaling in the hall on Apokalypse but then there's the whole thing with Highfather (OG) towards the end where he outright states that this is in its on separate universe. I am never going to understand the book completely if I'm honest.
  6. I made the mistake of reinstalling it. Two months later I uninstalled it to play something else!
  7. glb

    Golf - Good Walks Spoiled

    Yeah, would love to see Westwood win. Day is reasonably calm, at least it is for links anyway. Suggestion the weather is going to improve before getting sketchy tomorrow. Expect a few to make a move in the relatively good conditions.
  8. Tencent Pictures are one of the producers. Bye Japan.
  9. Nah. They’re completely without any hint of soul or charm.
  10. Pizza dough yesterday. Was good. Lots of cooking today. Making chilli tacos for lunch. A veggie bean recipe from cookidoo. Then an I am making a chicken jalfrezi, saag paneer and Tarkha Dhaal tonight. All cookidoo recipes. I really want to try lots of them out and get a feel for them before I go back to my tried and tested recipes.
  11. The remakes are actually about merchandising rights and the fact that percentages of sales from the old movies are going to people that aren't involved with Disney any more. It's a shitty money move but not quite all based on the streaming service. Although having two Lion Kings is obviously better than having one. Also, having now seen it twice, it's not actually the death of cinema and the crushing of dreams. It wont kill anyone and the original Lion King is still there if you want to check it out. It's better than the new one, just a little... well... smaller. Less cinematic in places, less epic. But has a campness and a colour that the new version lacks because of the documentary like style they've shot this one in. They're both pretty good, and as I've said in here before this is a really impressive jump in CGI which is well worth watching on the big screen if that's your sort of thing. If it's not, fine, don't go see it. Just maybe lay off the hyperbole a tad?
  12. Perhaps a bit early for an OT, but I thought this was worth a heads-up. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-play-gears-5-versus-tech-test-xbox-and-pc Probably the best looking game of any this generation, and I cant wait for someone like Digital Foundry to explain what is going on here. Seriously impressed by the animation of the characters. Looks and feels like a steady 4K60. Also plays like a dream, somehow theyve made it even more responsive and fluid to play than Gears 4.
  13. I actually like the idea of technical problems, could play with that later in the series if I go ahead with it (though in a more subtle manner than shown here) However, the idea of doing a reaction video whilst not reacting at all and then doing a 'meh' kind of thing at the end has been done before. I don't want the joke to be that I'm not reacting but more like I'm struggling to react and forcing myself to make comments every now and again. Often these comments will be really obvious observations or be me trying to sound clever and clued up
  14. The misjudgement by the press in the lead up to this has been great, Woods going to break Nicklaus’ 18 majors (although that had died down significantly over the past few weeks) and McIlroy being the favourite. Instead we’re getting a really interesting spread, some great golfers didn’t make the cut (looking at you Big Phil), defending champion Molinari way down the leaderboard and what seems like a bunch of golfers with the physicality of darts players leading the pack going into the weekend. Makes a nice change from the usual athletic, photogenic good brand sponsors being talked about! Westwood winning would be an incredible Cinderella story. He recently offloaded a bunch of shite at charity shops near me (I was tempted by one of his US Ope participants trophy, only £125), so it would be great seeing him win.
  15. Wish we could stick with Fosun as sponsor this season.
  16. Got 70 fortbytes but... meh at completing them all. They were kinda annoying.
  17. That's the first reaction video I've ever watched, so I'm unfamiliar with the format, but you seemed to give good reactions.
  18. After a bad run of recent form in Rivals I decided to make some big changes to my team (also due to packing and SBCs). Pre game: After kick off: Almost back to 700k after buying Neymar, Bamba and Thauvin (who is amazing, 7 goals in 6 for me so far).
  19. Have to agree with Kerraig on this one - these just feel like vacuous shit being pumped out of Satan’s glistening rectum.
  20. Today
  21. It reminds me of the Rich Evans Robocop remake reaction trailer...
  22. Not for me but some people might want to avoid promotional stills before watching.
  23. Any ideas for the intro? The one I'm leaning towards is starting off camera and then suddenly leaning in with a 'whoop..' (pause) 'Hi, I'm reaction adam and today I'll be reacting to...'
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