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  2. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah! Should have read back down the thread a bit!
  3. Just remembered something else to counter this. When Banner meets Valkyrie again, he calls her "Angry Girl". Furthermore, Banner in Endgame is confident, playful, has a sense of humour. He's markedly different to the fidgety, kinda socially awkward Banner we've had in all previous movies. Honestly I felt the handling of Banner/Hulk was really well done.
  4. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    This is the post I was replying to:
  5. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Not combined no... But thought we were talking sales of a single unit/model type?! Not really comparable really is it taking two units and adding the sales of them together? Just saying the PS4 isn't far off the Wii. Be interesting to see how the Switch does long term as it combines essentially two machines from Nintendo so after the DS line eventually gets retired it will be Nintendos only revenue stream. Sure they'll continue to be hugely successful though. They make great games that people of all ages want to play.
  6. Talvalin

    Devil May Cry 5

    Capcom have announced that they have stopped development, and no DLC will be released. This is a crying shame, but I guess paves the way for the inevitable DMCVSE to come out in due course with Vergil as a playable character, and perhaps that hinted-at Ladies Night mission set with Lady and Trish. Meanwhile, I'm up to Mission 11 on DMD and I'm getting better at the individual fights, often getting 5000+ for Style, but keep getting utterly trounced by the boss. I was fucking around with Royal Guard and was able to block a few attacks, so I might try that mission on SoS to practice. Alternatively I could try and get to the equivalent wave on BP but that might take a lot longer lol.
  7. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, so the PS4 is not going to come close to the combined home and portable sales of Nintendo's best period.
  8. Tourist

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

  9. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Don't know the PS4 is currently hovering at ~95m which isn't that far off Wii's 101m mark! Problem with Switch is that it breaks the £200 barrier. Typically Nintendo boxes have been sub £200. Granted the Switch offers a fair bit for the money and essentially combines two consoles into one. However it does restrict the choice a bit. If I was offered a choice between a home and portable console I'd probably take the home console as I hardly play in portable mode. It is what it is though. It will be interesting to see what these two machines turn out to be. A more powerful home focussed console sans screen and dock with a pro controller bundled instead of joycons would suit me down to the ground....
  10. Today
  11. 6 months in the show....? It takes weeks and months to travel anywhere, and a load of dragons and wolves have grown to near adult size. Try around 5 years at least.
  12. What I want to know is, not where did Loki go, but why did he come back? Only to then be carted off to Asgard in the final scenes of Avengers 1. Wonder what he got up to.
  13. Oh hey its 3am where did the time go oh right PSO.
  14. Tony had to have snapped them all back rather than killed them, otherwise Thanos would have ceased to exist in 2014. As for Nebula, I assume she’s snapped back and repaired with no memory of what happened. In fact, this explains why Gamora is trying to steal the orb to double cross Thanos at the start of Guardians 1. In End Game she’s all for his plan, but meeting her future sister changes her mind. She’s not privy to the closed loop and Thanos needing to find all the stones and snap though, unlike every other Avenger. So she just sets out to try and prevent it the only way she knows how. Shit. That’s pretty clever writing. Edit: Ah shit. And I just realised what gesture Dr Strange was giving Tony at the end. I was wondering what it meant. He was holding up one finger reminding him there’s just one way it will work so they’ll win. My take on it any way.
  15. Floshenbarnical

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    The kill leader is a Wraith player on PS4 who has 26,000+ kills. Dusted my entire town
  16. Kill them at which point? In IW? He doesn’t need to. He knows whatever happens he succeeds. He just doesn’t realise in 2014 that they undo it all. He only realised that in the End Game battle. That’s why he sits down so defeated. He realises the loop is closed. After IW, Thanos was my favourite character. I loved his attitude to things. In this movie he was a dick. I hated him. Now I realise why; Brolin played him completely differently. He had none of the calm, contemplation he had in IW. He was just outright ruthless.
  17. WTF! Was season one years ago? I thought it was like... 6 months?
  18. I’m sure of it. Thanos in Infinity War had knowledge of the Avengers. He’d fought them three years before. His approach to them is totally different in each movie.
  19. In the show?? Thought she was supposed to be like 13.
  20. Stigweard

    Godzilla: King of Monsters

    Feels like I've seen that joke a thousand times after reading that.
  21. Capwn

    Godzilla: King of Monsters

    Feels like I've seen the entire movie after watching that trailer
  22. ilpostino

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Kyler Murray goes #1. Rosen is done in Arizona already? Crazy.
  23. Nah, if the Thanos in IW knew about them and the events of Endgame he'd just kill them all straight up when he had the stones. This Thanos is from before IW cause he travels forward in time and skips everything that IW Thanos did. He knows nothing of what happened between when he picks up present Nebula and blowing up Avengers headquarters other than what present Nebula has seen and heard.
  24. ALSO! Remember that bit near the end of Inifity War when Captain America is grabbing the gauntlet and pushing back against Thanos? Watching back in 2017 it seems like for a moment Captain America is holding his own against Thanos, and Thanos has this maybe surprised look on his face before just twatting Steve away like he's nothing. If my this-isn't-the-first-time-they've-fought theory is true, I now see this bit in a whole new light. When he gives that look to Steve, Thanos isn't surprised that Captain America is able to "stand up" to him. I think he was actually puzzled at the huge difference in strength between what he was expecting (the worthy Captain America he faced in 2021 who fucked him up fairly well for a bit) and what he got (the Captain America who is now in front of him in 2017 Wakanda and comparatively weak). I now think maybe Thanos' look is more of surprise or bemusement at how Captain America is more of a curiosity. Perhaps same with Scarlet Witch. In Endgame, the first time Thanos meets her he acts like she's unimportant, saying something like "I have no idea who you are." Much to his surprise, she then proceeds to fully fuck him up harder than anyone else to the point where he had to panic order orbital bombardment. From his encounter with her he now knows to treat her with caution. We see this in Infinity War the second time they meet. He walks straight up to her and fully infinity stones zaps her with all he's got, he ain't messing. Again I think 'beating' Wanda here and getting the stones probably further convinces him his destiny is unfolding and he goes right for the snap ASAP, falling right into his own trap.
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