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  2. Pants McSkill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Votes please on who should have got the nod instead of Pogba. Eriksen Neves David Silva Maddison Ndidi Felipe Anderson (Controversial: He switched between Left mid and striker) Also shouts for any midfielders I have forgotten
  3. Triple A

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    do you mind advising where from? fancy it at that price
  4. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    Shame some of you didn't make it through to the end of the story (I agree the checkpointing is a dick) - endless mode is where the real game begins. It's amazing.
  5. Harrisown

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    I’m thinking 77 metacritic
  6. Fry Crayola

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    Could you at least leave it late? Telford need Chorley to beat Bradford PA to maximise the chances of a playoff place, so the longer Chorley think they can still win the title the better.
  7. Mogster

    Wireframe - a new gaming magazine (yes, on real paper)

    I didn't get an advance warning notification email either, and I would agree that that should really be sent out regardless of marketing email preferences. I'm happy to keep subbing anyway mind. It's definitely there, but it's a bit obscure if you're viewing on mobile. The "product" box doesn't flow its text properly, so you have to actually scroll the text in the box to see the option on the right. It's much clearer if you're viewing on a desktop.
  8. jonamok

    Star Trek Discovery

    That extra mini-ep of Tilly spending 45 minutes in real-time curating a playlist for some crew member, who we’ve never met but who simply adores her, while humming along and tapping her hairbrush to the tunes, was especially amazing. And then the last quarter hour where she was called on a dangerous away mission, and spent the firefight and aftermath flicking through pictures of puppies on her tricorder. Followed by the moving finale where she laughed so hard during the full-dress wake for all the fallen that a little bit of coke came down her nose. So Tilly! * * this would be deKay’s favourite episode of anything, ever.
  9. cowfields

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    Bonjour, you beautiful bunch of barbecuing bastards... I need some advice: We're about to do the garden (new patio and shit) and since a load of money is going on that, somewhere amongst the budget is some money spare for a new BBQ to make best use of it. Budget is around £200, probably max of £300. I'd go more myself, so I could be persuaded to go over, but my fiancée thinks that would be ridiculous. As much as those Chris Traeger smoker things look good, I can't go into the realm of £1000s I mostly just want a decent charcoal grill. I had originally wanted one of those "offset style" ones where you have a container off to the left for chips and charcoal, and that sends smoke through into the main area. I am guessing the main area can still be used as a normal charcoal grill, so you get the best of both worlds and a lot of space to do different things at different temperatures. But i'm struggling to find a good reliable brand - ones of around £200 on Amazon get reviews about how quickly they rust and leak smoke. My other thinking is to get a Weber kettle. They look really nice, take up less space and the build quality seems good. I'm just concerned that a kettle gives you a bit less versatility, with a big circle it's not as easy to have different heat zones and so on. But then I see people in this thread with Weber kettles doing indirect heat things, and attachments like like the "slow and sear" and think perhaps the reliability and availability of fun attachments wins over the form of the offset smoker? To be honest, I will long smoke things very occasionally, but do normal "quick" bbqs quite a bit more often. edit: also any recommended accessories, I want a decent thermometer to monitor it all. Thanks!
  10. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Wireframe - a new gaming magazine (yes, on real paper)

    Yes, same here. I didn’t receive any notification that I was going to be billed another £20. And I’m receiving bucket loads of promotional emails. I’ve clicked through to the site and I can’t find any cancel subscription button/section either. Really not happy about it. I’m not claiming it’s anything underhand but it does look incompetent. My debit card runs out before the next sub will be due anyway so I’ll just leave it until the sub fails.
  11. Mr. Gerbik

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    Just a fyi for anyone considering the Switch version. it seems to run and look fine, but holy shit does the Krypt look and run like an unfinished, low-budget Wii game: At the 15 minute mark Edit: holy shit, when they get to the Pit stage in the Krypt, which has the bridge in the background with the burning dude and the moon behind it - but none of it is there! There's just N64 like fog! Holy crap
  12. RFT

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    That's been heavily modified - this is what they looked like stock. I do find myself wondering if it would be possible to mess with the surface tension of a fluid so it it would repel itself to act in the reverse way to a shade?
  13. Dudley

    Nintendo Switch

    The design brief said it should take ages and they got confused.
  14. With the Shadow Babies - Melissandre can't just pop them out. She needs a king /someone with Kings Blood to make them. She could only make one with Stannis before his "fires burned to low" to make another.
  15. DeciderVT

    Wireframe - a new gaming magazine (yes, on real paper)

    I didn't receive an e-mail either. I suggest that e-mailing people who have opted out of receiving marketing e-mails is a better step than simply charging them £20. Not pleased.
  16. Dudley

    PlayStation VR

    Yeah that reset is why I never finished it. That and it doesn't seem to save progress, at least on PC.
  17. ianinthefuture

    Wireframe - a new gaming magazine (yes, on real paper)

    Issue 12 and I think we're officially six months old: https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/issues/12
  18. Goose

    Your retro youtube videos

    I was watching this video, it's a compilation of beat'em up clips, some from home systems but most from the arcade. It's enjoyable stuff - no commentary or anything, just 30 odd seconds of each game. What kind of filter is being used on the Capcom arcade games? They appear sharp as a knife.
  19. £15.99 for YouTube Premium!? Is there a cheaper way? I’m not getting offered a trial any more either. ep1 has had 7.5m views already. Nice.
  20. Quick update - we have had some good chats on the fixes we're going to do. More info shortly but a lot of you will like the stuff we'll do.
  21. mansizerooster

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    When Called Thor I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Perfect.
  22. Rsdio

    Football Thread 2018/19

    If we continue with this alternate 'true hero' team can I put Ben Hamer forward as goalkeeper? His presence on our team sheet has been as good as a two goal lead for the opposition every time he's played. The first goalkeeper I've ever seen who actually gets smaller when the ball approaches him.
  23. metallicfrodo

    PlayStation VR

    Played another hour and a half of Ghost Giant this morning and I think I'm getting nearish the end. It really is a wonderful game and I think another must play on PSVR (and another reason to own moves, as that is the only control scheme). I think if I am near the end it's probably going to be shorter than people might like for a 20 quid game but for me personally it's certainly given me enough to be worth that. It is a stunning looking and sounding game. The script for the characters is great and well delivered (in some ways in reminds me of The Sexy Brutale, although it's nothing like that game), and the music is just lovely. You need to have your camera postitioned right as with all move related games so that you can reach everything that you might need to, but that's just a bit of upfront house keeping. It has the same niggles that most games have where you can pick stuff up in that things occassionally clips with other items but in generally it's well handled. The game is split into little scenes, you essentially have a static postition in the scene (although you can usually click turn the camera 90 degrees to the left and right) but essentially you are watching what goes on between different characters and then you have to solve simple puzzles to help your little friend out (he is the only one that is aware you are there). Once this is done you click on a little sign post and load to the next area etc... It's fairly simplistic at that level, but the little scenes are so beautifully designed with houses you can look into and things to find/pick up it's just glorious to look at. Loads of incidental details that just make you smile at points. Probably the closest experience to this I have 'played' would be Allumette, although in this you actually interact with what is going on. When I think of VR there are a number of types of games that are out there. There are the car type games as it were. The ones where you sit in a form of transport and move around (Wipeout, Ultrawings, Dirt Rally all fall into this catergory), and essentially represent something that you do as an adult in a way (driving/flying). Then there are your first person games (i.e. Skyrim, Resident Evil, Borderlands, Statik) which all essentially have you in a world but as yourself, if that makes sense. Then there are the toy box games which I think Astro Bot and defintiely Ghost Giant fit into. They are the games that to me recreate the joy of being a child and physically playing with toys. Those lego houses you built and played out stories with the characters, or the cardboard fort you made and filled with your toy soldiers and had battles with an invading army. These games take that and wrap all that imagination around you to create a world where you are still the kid looming over your toys, but they really have come to life and they really are interating with each other, not just lying there on the ground as you concentrate on the bit of the story you are play acting at the time. That to me is the true magic of VR, not driving futurist racers, or fighting off undead hordes, it's being a child again and my toys actually talking to me....
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