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  2. Chicken madras (Made this as I somehow forgot to buy green chillis for my garlic chilli chicken. colour is a bit off because I had to use Kashmiri chilli power which is very bright red, mixed with some cayenne as I had no normal hot chilli powder) Also made a bhuna which I didn’t get a photo of, and butter chicken: This isn’t the type of curry I’d normally go for but it had great depth of flavour. Extremely rich and calorific though, even though I halved the recommended 60g (!) of ghee. One thing I noticed with the Misty Ricardo base gravy is that he doesn’t thin it out at the end like Al does; instead you portion the thicker, concentrated gravy, then thin it out with water as and when you use it. This makes it more convenient for freezing as it’s obviously taking up far less space. I’m sure you could adapt the Al’s BG2 in the same way.
  3. I saw a pack for this the other day that clocked in at 289GB. I found it to be very hit and miss, but there's some really good stuff on there when it does work. I had it integrated with CoinOPS next but it just wasn't configured correctly. For every game that did work, 2 wouldn't.
  4. I would love that to be true. I'd also love an Aston Martin but suspect I'm getting neither.
  5. Totally agree with this. So different to everything else.
  6. Is that what that Elite Squad thing is? I saw the trailer and had no idea what it was other than guessing it was Ubisoft trying to cash in on Overwatch 3 years too late.
  7. Fair points, of course, but I can't see the actual model being sustainable in the long run. Promotion and relegation is far too damaging and costly for clubs to stay, for example. My local club is building a 100 mios arena right now (with 80 mios from the tax payer) and, due to Covid, is not sure to get to our premier league next year. Can't see their current owner being happy with that. And it's INEOS. But yeah it's complicated.
  8. So Alonso has used the Ferrari, Honda and Renault hybrid power units but not a Mercedes-powered one. He has, however, used a Mercedes engine in the back of his 2007 McLaren so you are right in that he has used something from each of them and pissed off at least 50% of them whilst doing so. None of the other current drivers have used all four as you say. Kvyat has used all of them apart from Mercedes.
  9. You're right of course, but personally I don't think it's a solid argument to denounce City. It's anti-competitive which shouldn't be a goal or product of a set of rules developed by a sporting body in my opinion.
  10. No matter what you think about FFP, those are the rules that exist. Does anyone seriously think that City didn't deliberately break them?
  11. can't see it ever happening - salary caps were always seen as restraints of trade under european law and clubs never wanted to give up their spending power to buy success, plus you have the balance of players going where the money is, so say Europe (but not the UK cos Brexit) did agree a cap, then China or the Middle East could step in and offer less glamour but higher pay - the clubs of terrified of losing the elite product which makes European football where the best players at the peak of their career want to play for the most part. the whole sport is based on promotion and relegation in most countries so again its so much harder to implement that US style system as a dud season has far more consequences. FFP was meant to help in this regard but has ended up a relatively easily bypassed fudge for those intent to do so, but has certainly slowed the previous levels of losses being seen.
  12. GamesGamesGames


    And that, is that.
  13. Everyone in with 20 total voters. I'll start writing up ASAP.
  14. I should have also mentioned that if you get a Vita you must mod it. If you do the SD2Vita mod you can use reliable micro SD cards instead of the proprietary Sony lower capacity unreliable, expensive cards. See the thread in retro, it's very easy to do the mod and the SD card adaptors are £2 on eBay.
  15. There were rumours he's an upcoming operator in Siege. But turns out that could just be the spin-off mobile game they announced.
  16. Closed leagues with salary caps, draft system and so on. Yep, the NFL. (I know it's not very popular in Europe, but we'll get there eventually, I'm pretty sure).
  17. I guess everyone will just have to transfer journeymen players between each other for €70m then.
  18. The higher end pedals will be USB, so you don't necessarily have to stick with TM. But if you do, the T-LCMs are the top end (which I've just bought) which have load-cell brakes (based on pressure, rather than travel). That said, by all accounts the T3PAs with the conical brake mod do a pretty good estimation of load-cell 'feel'. I nearly opted for those. They are a good whack cheaper than the T-LCMs.
  19. I was referring more to United and Liverpool than the other three. The replies indicate that Wolves were of the same opinion as Liverpool and United anyway.
  20. Or do a Bruno Bonnell and become a MP...
  21. Those clubs would also welcome loaning players from City in the future so I'm sure it wasn't a selfless act. PSG got away with it, I'm not surprised City have as well.
  22. I'm still slowly grinding towards the Galar living dex, currently at 341/400 and ignoring the DLC for now. I have started to use the GTS for some Pokemon that are not new in Shield because when Bulbapedia says a Pokemon is a 2% random encounter chance during one type of weather in an area where I am going to have 100s of Zigzagoons chasing me I am not wasting my time with that. I've also ended up with lots of EXP candies due to Mystery Gifts which as I only play to complete the Dex reduced the grind for Pokemon that only evolve at a high level. I still don't really like the games, they are the weakest since X/Y but at least with X/Y the music was good.
  23. Into the 2:01s for me, but after watching more hotlaps with the Ferrari there are 2 corners that I'm dropping into 1st that I can take in 2nd, so something to work on later.
  24. FFP was absolutely not designed as a tool to ensure the rich stay richer (that is the Champions League) - FFP was originally well intentioned and designed to stop clubs being burdened with debt that blew them up in chasing success, it's origins pre-dated Abramovich and the Arab petro states buying clubs/success. Like many ideas of that ilk though it got mired in self interests and politics and ended up being something different from what was originally well intentioned sentiments. Nice Harris is a great journo on this stuff
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