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  2. Yeah see...that doesn't sound good. If you/someone had been tinkering and THEN it didn't boot it could be a short (something touching something else that it shouldn't be touching!). If it's just randomly happened then this sounds terminal to be honest. A chip has probably popped. If it was just a fuse it would likely have been in the PSU but you've swapped that out and still no dice which makes me think this is more sinister. Of course, I could be completely wrong!
  3. I had my ass kicked first time and s+’d on the second. My mistake was
  4. The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge is holding an arcade night on the night of the 5th of October. Sadly I can’t attend this year but I really enjoyed last years event and a lot of the UKVAC members take their arcade collections there for everyone to enjoy. So if you are anywhere near Cambridge, it’s highly recommend. http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/52937/The-Arcade-Experience-3-5th-October-2019/
  5. Nice to see Sexy Beast on a few lists - such an amazing film. 2000 1. Memento 2. In The Mood for Love 3. Sexy Beast 2001 1. Ghost World 2. The Others 3. Mulholland Drive 2002 1. 28 Days Later 2. City of God 3. The Ring 2003 1. Elephant 2. Thirteen 3. Big Fish 2004 1. Napolean Dynamite 2. The Life Aquatic 3. Mean Girls
  6. 2000 1. Memento 2. Requiem for a Dream 3. Chicken Run (what a triple feature) Tough cuts: In the Mood for Love, Battle Royale, The Emperor's New Groove 2001 1. Mulholland Drive 2. Gosford Park 3. Monsters Inc Tough cuts: AI, Legally Blonde 2002 1. Minority Report 2. The Hours 3. City of God Tough cuts: 28 Days Later 2003 1. Finding Nemo 2. Belleville Rendezvous 3. Dogville Tough cuts: absolutely fuck all. I don't even like these three all that much. What a boring year. 2004 1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2. Spider-Man 2 3. Downfall Tough cuts: Primer, Prisoner of Azkaban, Mean Girls, Team America. Easily the strongest year of the five (followed by 2001)
  7. You should watch it again another few times. It gets better with repeat viewing. It's all daft wee things that make it so good. Things you might easily overlook. Like the line "careful, man, there's a beverage here." Which is a clunky and strangely worded thing to say in that situation but in a very real way, like it's something somebody might say but you can't imagine actually writing it for someone. Like at the end of Rocky when he's all beat up and Adrien comes into the ring and the first thing he says to her "hey, where's you hat?" I thought it was just ok the first time I seen it. And every time I watched it since I've liked it a bit more. Same with Fargo.
  8. Agreed. There are some stinkers but the good outweighs the bad massively. I don't think a new show could add anything. Caprica was interesting in parts but felt unnecessary.
  9. I'm not saying it's binary, rather that our gradual acceptance of DLC, MTX and season passes has fuelled and normalised them to be the only choices. Post-launch content could be free, but we've shown publishers that they can charge for it and now in the worst cases they strip it out during development so we can pay again for it later. But one thing is certain, we will pay for it in all but a small number of cases, because as you say, that's capitalism. Gears 5 isn't only available via Gamepass and made viable by MTX. It's available for £50 or so if you want to own it or don't want Gamepass. It's up to the publisher how much money they want to make on top of the initial sale price - all the extra optional costs aren't just keeping them afloat, they're literally swimming in cash at Activision and EA. They absolutely could do additional content for free, but they won't, because profits.
  10. K

    The Surge II

    I reckon this deserves its own thread. The original game was one of my biggest surprises of this year - looks like a sci-fi Dark Souls knockoff, plays like a sci-fi Dark Souls knockoff, and in all respects is a sci-fi Dark Souls knockoff, but is actually good for all that and crucially is made by people who understand the Soulsborne games and who have managed to replicate what's good about them. It was an absolutely splendid game - the setting felt very generic initially, but managed to wring some real atmosphere out of its decaying strips of concrete and bloodstained marble-panelled corporate halls. And it absolutely nailed the feeling of utter dread that sank in as you stepped into a new area, as you realised you didn't know the territory, and you didn't know what was lurking in there beyond the fact that it would kill you extremely quickly. And the combat was fantastic - brutal, quick, and hefty, with a nice mechanic around limb-removal. The sequel looks like more of the same thing, in the best possible way. The original was relatively low-budget, but managed to get a lot of mileage out of its relatively small number of locations. On the basis of the trailers, it looks like the sequel is similarly small scale - not a huge number of locations seen so far, but maybe they're holding a lot back. I'm definitely up for dismembering a few more cyborgs.
  11. Yeah pretty much. Turned it on one day and it no longer worked. Does a short mean it's buggered? I'd be surprised if it was poorly installed; it's a mmmonkey job that I've had for at least a decade.
  12. Bad North is really great. Played it on pc and loved it to bits. Surprisingly difficult, cute looking viking RTS. On the downside I bought Dirt Rally 2.0 a couple of weeks ago, and it sits on my hard drive, unplayed. Will I never learn?
  13. I have been bloking it up and reading a Chris Ryan novel, Hunter Killer. Quite enjoyed the first Danny Black novel but this one is a lot more meat-headed, pretty much a couple of soldiers killing terrorists in the UK before going abroad and basically abusing the locals until they do what they're told. It is exciting in parts but the main guy is such a twat I'm finding it difficult to sympathise.
  14. For me the toughest year was 2002. Really struggled to chose between Mulholland Drive 24 Hour Party People Catch Me If You Can Dark Water Infernal Affairs City Of God
  15. I don't think you can possibly argue that there should be only a binary model - either pay £40-50 for a game and get all future and optional content free, or get the game for nothing and have MTX. No in between. Because that's just far too rigid - you'd never get some of the great DLC and (yes) optional additions that we've had in many games if by paying for the game you obliged the publisher to 'support it with free post-launch content' and nothing else, nothing paid-for. Often you simply wouldn't get free post-launch content at all, at least none of any real worth. And, conversely, just because a game is free to play doesn't mean the MTX system is always fair, or that it works, or that the game is any good without it. The game may often be dross and cynically (or, if you prefer, craftily) made so that you can't help but spend cash on shortcuts to make it tolerable. Then there's what the MTX actually gets you. Is it a set item, or a loot box with a random one, i.e. gambling? Are you paying for optional DLC, and what can you still play if you don't buy that? Is it cosmetic stuff or buying power, or additional content or a short-cut through an existing grind that is otherwise punishingly hard? I think there's all sorts of nuance in the pricing models of games that some arguments completely fail to capture. It's definitely not a binary situation - because ultimately you're talking about capitalism here, and the aim of that is ultimately profit, whichever way you slice it. And some commentators who try to reduce it to the EVIL/GOOD model are not only being unrealistic deliberately for views - because hyperbole sells too, funnily enough - they're not actually providing a very useful analysis of the situation.
  16. Ooooh shit A new Gangstarr album?!
  17. Screw the big recess, I want a gaming table with a top that’s just a big LCD screen under safety glass. Hook up my laptop and run Roll 20/Fantasy Grounds. There are a few vids on YT with cost effective ways to do it.
  18. 2000 1. Sexy Beast 2. Battle Royale 3. Requiem for a dream Tough cuts: oh brother where art thou. Gladiator. 2001 1. Freddy got fingered 2. Blow 3, the Royal Tenenbaums Tough cuts: Shrek, Training Day, How High. 2002 1. City of God 2. 24 hour party people 3. Gangs of New York Tough cuts: catch me of you can. 2003 1. Old Boy 2. Kill Bill 3. Elf No tough cuts. Bit of a stinker of a year. 2004 1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2. Anchorman 3. kill Bill 2 Tough cuts: Man on fire. Napoleon Dynamite. The life aquatic with Steve Zissou. Aviator. Shaun of the dead.
  19. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    My shiny luck mysteriously changed - after being annoyed by Raid Hour being cancelled, I managed a shiny mewtwo on my one and only raid that happened to be on when I finished work
  20. For people with an Xbox One X...
  21. Revival

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yes, That was the 8bit NES style adventure, This one is the full retail release that's only been available since late June. Crazy.
  22. Yeah, I do. Well, not perfection but still damn good and as I said on here recently, the ending chokes me up more and more every time I rewatch the series because I just love those characters.
  23. Gears 5 is still available to purchase at full price though. Gamepass has been billed as a move to a Netflix-for-games model, it's not sold as a hybrid of monthly subscription plus micro-transactions to make it viable for the publishers. The real alternative is to pay for the game, and for the publisher to support it with free post-launch content - no season pass or micro-transactions. Microsoft can afford to do that, especially if the goal is to encourage player retention, "engagement" and goodwill toward their platform. Season passes, DLC and micro-transactions have become so normalised that gamers seem to think there is no reasonable alternative and that the only choice is the lesser of N evils. It's the same with paying for online play - why is that "normal" when it's not the norm outside the console walled-garden? What exactly do we get for the money? Free games? What if we don't want them, can we play online for free? No - because the free games are just there to justify the ongoing pay-to-play online nonsense that Sony and Nintendo have now aped. On the Xbox you can't even play free-to-play games online without Gold, like some terrible hangover from when you needed Gold to use Netflix.
  24. I did get a slap in the balls today with a bog standard audi tt though
  25. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    This Bloodstained is different to the one they gave away on Gold a while ago?
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