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  2. Just little things such as pressing down on the d-pad to drop any item in your inventory into your bag, which is also bottomless now, has such a big impact on your enjoyment, not having to constantly micro manage it all the time. Honestly it just keeps hitting high after high, throwing more and more stuff at you - and just when you think something might become a chore, they improve that too - constantly impressing and providing so much satisfaction and gratification.
  3. Expert mode on smb1 would have me throwing the switch at the wall but i really really want it
  4. Ugh. No buy either. I just want the gameplay and art style of the first game. That’s the game to remake.
  5. Argh! According to Reddit, maskless Skarlet is available on a tower of time. I don't think I'll be home before it expires! Annoying...
  6. Hell of a cast, I'd quite like to see Fiennes and Dance in a fight
  7. West Ham about to spend £45 million on Sebastien Haller is quite interesting, but the quote from Pellegrini at the end is pretty brutal
  8. This had better be good enough to rinse away the taste of the sequel.
  9. Everytime I've come up against Torres, he scores a header from a corner. Each time. I'd even put Ibra infront of the cunt and he still jumps higher! Can't comment on Gomis, but will take your word for it. Van Dick is the same. Lanky prick.
  10. Gomis is better, I’m certain
  11. Ah, the good old days.That's fascinating.
  12. Would be a decent option coming off the bench I guess.
  13. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Got myself a ticket for Spurs v Crystal Palace in September. Just after a bit of advice for travel please... Is it easiest to walk to and fro the Stadium from Seven Sisters, rather than get the overground to White Hart Lane? And how long on average are the queues to get a tube from Seven Sisters after a game?
  14. When defending, manually move your goalkeeper to cover the near post player and try and get a defender infront of the near post player. When attacking aim for the near post player about 4/5ths power. Aiming the header to the back post. Just do it fast to try and get the corner in before the defending team can get set. (This is based on the massive assumption your near post player isn't tiny.)
  15. Here's a big Twitter thread with lots of pictures of the Trocadero over the years: Through Alien War and SegaWorld... ... through to its Funland ownership and decline: ... and then finally: Separately, this video was published a few days ago. Haven't watched it yet:
  16. I am intrigued as to what you said to them to get a refund like that. No return either?
  17. It was just designed to start the process of him staying at Liverpool and then moving to Barcelona for £75m. Genius.
  18. Can someone type a little tutorial on scoring and stopping corner goals? I swear I concede one every two games and score next to none.
  19. The Beat Saber mod scene has taken the next logical step: you can now mod the beatsaber app so that it tracks are loaded from shared storage. The upshot is that you can now add custom tracks directly on the quest (via, for some reason, a channel in Oculus TV), with no PC required after the initial mod application. Mod application (via sidequest) is pretty easy. Sidequest also allows you to sideload Tea for God, which offers a really interesting experience of wandering an infinite maze contained entirely within your playing boundary.
  20. Looks like a remake of Banana Blitz (the one on the wii, booooo) is coming out in October. No Buys. https://www.famitsu.com/news/201907/16179604.html
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