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  2. To be fair most of the main cast are massively underused. With the exception of Buzz it’s very much a story about Woody, Bo and the new characters they meet. And whilst that’s a shame, it ultimately matters little because it’s so damned good. That bitter sweet ending though...Pixar really know how to nail making a grown man blub...well making me blub anyway So yeah it’s really good and breaks the recent run of okay but disappointing Pixar sequels, it earns its place in the series every bit as much as the flawless trilogy that preceded it.
  3. I've just bought a W-Hydra 16:2 (by Lotharek) for all my consoles and it works perfectly. You could go for the Hydra 8:1 if that's all you need though and save a fair few quid.
  4. Couple of questions guys if thats OK. Just done my first dungeon and everything went so quickly as the other plays were not sprouts like me and just blasted through. Active Help was throwing all kinds of crap at me (not knocking active help, its been a godsend for getting me to where I am), but there was zero time to read it. So then it came to looting. I had no clue what was going on. I assume it's similar rules as in WoW with need and greed. If it's an upgrade gear wise for the class you are in the group as, you can need, otherwise greed. Does the UI stop you needing on stuff you can't use with your equipped class? Also, I didn't do anything on some pieces, as everyone had run off further into the dungeon and left me behind. I had to go catch up. If you don't roll anything, does that count as a pass? Sure it'll get clearer as I go on. Also, the recommended gear button. Is this always the 'best' for you? For instance, I picked up a Grimoire that had 2 less magic attack, but + stats on intelligence, spell speed and crit (or something similar). The Best button told me to equip my better magic attack. So do you need to make judgement calls yourself? Or is there a way you can test on a dummy somewhere and see the results with different gear equipped? Spent a lot of time on this today for very few main class levels as I got to travel to the other cities and picked up all the classes and did the initial quests for them all. Definitely need to work on MSQs as my inventory is nearly full, I need to unlock a retainer.
  5. Why on earth would this be the case though? I totally concede I'm an amateur here, but I'm not seeing anything that looks like it should be struggling on mobile hardware, let alone on a PS4 Pro. Now I'm wondering what the week long Switch delay was for.
  6. Can anyone who has finished this make a suggestion on how I progress in My party are all about level 57, I've done a few bits such as I've read some bits about slime farming but I really can't be bothered with that kind of thing just to finish the game, I know some people enjoy it but it really isn't for me.
  7. Also,I don't think it helps how easy it is to get games now. 300+ games a on game pass. 4 new games a month on games with gold 300 or so compatible VR games. Twitch Prime games. Epic Store monthly. Increase in good f2p titles. I constantly have easy instant access to over 1000 games legally. And that's just the ones included in my subs. If you include emulated ones there's tens of thousands that are so simple to get and play. Too much choice, not enough time. I'm not passionate enough to spun my money into retro stuff that won't get used enough to justify it.
  8. If your patient enough it will almost certainly come to Game Pass in the near future I reckon. Although it’s well worth $20 and from what I’ve seen the DLC is eminently missable so I’d say dive in...
  9. Can I have your (sega/nintendo) stuff?
  10. Fair enough. I really hope they get a good team on it because it is the thing that is the most disappointing about the whole thing. Oh now something else. I have a SteelSeries Arctis Pro PS4 headset - can I use that for Xbox playing and chatting? Anyone know?
  11. The latest Crime Crew is something special. I was crying with laughter for the first ten minutes. One of my favourite GB things ever.
  12. I’m skeptical there’s anything majorly wrong with the Switch version. Environments are less detailed, different lighting and it runs at 30fps. As long as you’re aware of this - it’s still going to be a handheld Igavania title. Unless there are worse problems I haven’t read about yet.
  13. How about R8 is banned as I agree it’s a fucker to drive
  14. I do not get why a profile level setting is not done like it was on the 360, I miss that on my PS4. Every single game I play I go to options first now and change the camera, be it a shooter (or more likely in my case, an RPG). The Halo setup was great, but so few games picked up on the idea, and it's not a profile option, so I don't rely on it being there.
  15. I only got 4 fut swaps or something swapped for a pack week 1
  16. Maldini is the best centre back on the game end of gg @hannay
  17. When I was browsing eBay looking at buying my 11th Dreamcast. Not even owning them at the same time. I get nostalgic, buy a DC and some games. Hook it up, play with it for a day or so, then let it gather dust because it looks crap on a 4k TV or the games are too expensive etc. Ended up sticking a good DC emulator on my PC and play with an XB1 pad. Turns out that, while I love the little machine and all the noises it makes, it's playing the games that make me nostalgic. And since nothing goes to the Devs when I buy the games on eBay, I have no issues pirating them for an emulator. I'm finding now, unless something is an absolute steal, I don't really bother with gaming stuff at the bootfairs anymore. Unless it's broken. Can't help but buy into a wee fixer upper.
  18. If it can't even hold a consistent framerate on a Pro I'm assuming there are serious optimisation issues going on.
  19. My favourite Dizzy game is the one where you resurrect a 15 year old thread to post about an interesting development . I just spotted a news item on Indie Retro News announcing a new software tool that makes it easy to build Dizzy games for the ZX Spectrum. The Dizzy Scripting Engine can be downloaded from http://dizzyse.ru/index_eng.html.
  20. Nah, not even remotely, Ive already punted him into a SBC.
  21. Quick Look: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  22. Haven't managed to play much as yet, save for just going through everyone's move list on Saturday. Sticking with my plan of trying to learn the basics with Genjuro but I fancy switching to Wu-Ruixiang at some point later on, she's got so much character to all her animations and her super is fantastic. A couple of things that might be useful: I liked this guy's DBFZ tutorials so I'm glad he seems to be getting into this too. A handy character primer I came across on Reddit.
  23. Yeah. This confused me too. I’ve played through it on a PS4 Pro and there were a couple sections plagued with slowdown - where the game really struggled.
  24. Yeah. Downloading mine now. Check your fangamer pages, Switch backers. Unfortunately the Switch version is not going down well. Poor visuals and performance, apparently. When I was choosing between PS4 and Switch ages ago, it didn't once occur to me that this kind of thing would be an issue. I figured a fairly ugly looking sidescrolling Metroidvania would not prove taxing for the Switch but it doesn't seem to have turned out that way. Fuck knows why.
  25. Worth all the graft??? Should have got Sane
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