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  2. kensei

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Just beat a significant boss, but as usual From don't want you it's significant which means I've missed an item that would open another section of the game. Sometimes From can be somewhat trying. I'm not going to have time for this again even if I felt like it.
  3. Definitely looks like it - they acted like a store, taking a hit on each sale, rather than a digital frontend to a publisher.
  4. Regarding my 12 month comment. It's a bit of an outrageous claim... I was drunk. I'll stand firm on the price thought. Knock a £100 off eaxh version and I'd have a different attitude toward the tech.
  5. Alex W.

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    “Trophy progression”?
  6. deKay

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Nope. They had a falling out with Nintendo ages ago (back with the Wii shop cards) and haven't since.
  7. Every one of Dany’s big, triumphant moments involves murdering people, often people who were unarmed. Her big story beats are burning that lady who killed her husband, burning those people who stole her dragons, crucifying slave owners, burning the owners of the unsullied, burning the Dothraki leaders. Every single step of the way she has been killing unarmed people, often to triumphant music because they were bad guys. Conversely, in Westeros we’ve been presented with heroes who value human life, and try to solve their problems without murdering too many people. In Westeros our characters often have to make decisions which factor in their support bases. Dany makes all her decisions unilaterally, sometimes with advice but the final decision is always hers until Tyrion convinced her not to burn kings landing last series. And she’s been pissed off about that since it happened. She he often says that she’s going to free people and depose tyrants. But only her definitions of those things matter. We watched her get bored and uncomfortable in Mereen, she could barely handle the politics and she hated actually pursuing peace. She hated compromising and having to concede anything. She waltzed into some people’s home, declared that their current rulers were bad, indiscriminately killed the ones she thought were bad, accidentally killed loads of other people, then in the end just left anyway. She’s basically the American Government in Iraq, and much like them it doesn’t really matter how nice and fair she says she’s being. She’s an elitist. She says she cares about the people, but she also thinks she knows what’s best for them and that they need her divine judgement. She’s proudly declaring she will smash up the systems that run the world, but she’s got zero plan for afterwards. She’s all about the war, with no real interest in the peace. Think of the two defining mirrored images of her and Jon. Jon is trapped in a crush of friendly soldiers. Jon’s friends and allies nearly kill him by accident, and Jon has to gasp for air as he’s almost consumed by the fighting and conflict that he is directly part of. In the mirrored image of Dany, she is lifted up by the foreign people she saved, and they call her mother. She’s above them, literally and figuratively, riding along of the top of them, feeding on their love but she’s not one of them, she doesn’t feel what they feel. It’s always all been about her, whatever she feels now, whether that’s her as a saviour, a hero, or something terrifying. That’s always been her.
  8. Lorfarius

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 82: Stardust

    A new show has gone live! This week I'm paying close attention to a shooter that should need no introduction... Stardust! https://amigarama.com/episodes/amigarama-podcast-episode-82-stardust/ Just in case anyone is wondering this is a podcast! So the show is available on Spotify, iTunes and every podcast player out there.
  9. deKay

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Yeah, so effectively doesn't exist
  10. acidbearboy

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Do amazon not sell eshop credit? Got a gift card for my birthday and was hoping to buy some, but not seen any on there.
  11. Alex W.

    Epic Games Store - All Your Games Are Belong To Us

    Did they discount a whole bunch of stuff without confirming with the publishers first or something? Was it Amazon that put a bunch of companies out of business doing that with other companies’ physical stock?
  12. Treble

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Take this with a pinch of salt, but here are the rumours for v7.00 update: Pretty decent if true.
  13. Dave White

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    As you start to unlock abilities it all starts to click with what you can combo and chain together. None of this was mentioned or even shown in most reviews, the amazing stuff you see in the trailer which Jimquisition seemed to think was misleading. Basically he wasn’t competent enough or if I’m honest don’t think he played it long enough to gain these. And this is is where the game totally shines and the whole point of it. There’s even a combo meter. It’s a fine balance between being given all the toys to quick or a fetch quest grind affair to get them. But I’ve said it before that all games are composed of this in some form or another. A lot of the reviews seem to be pre patch so jims 5 minutes on ammo box melee fails isn’t valid. Valid for him at the time but not at launch. Sticking with this this offers such amazing fun and It’s a shame that the jewel which is the combat takes time to really show what you can be capable of. There’s a great game in here you just have to play it to get to it.
  14. Something kicked off on Twitter last night. A legal threat from Elite Systems was questioned. And by the looks of things, it may heavily backfire on them. Things get VERY interesting when Larry Bundy Jr joins the thread. If what he is saying is true, Elite Systems have metaphorically shot themselves in the foot. This whole thing gets very opinionated and legal assertions are made. Obviously, these will be the responsibility of the individual author. I am simply quoting some tweets and depicting events pretty much chronologically. Be careful when discussing this. Link in above: https://www.elite-systems.co.uk/elite/htdocs/user_home.php?show=94
  15. Exactly. Shes always been a evil nasty piece of work. Another one of Ned’s dumb mistakes coming back to haunt him.
  16. McFly

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    The guys arm/shoulder must still be knackered Poor Sage almost damaged his moneymaker, is that a textbook glass jaw? One (big) punch = lots of cracks? (Sorry if thats nasty)
  17. skittles

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I do love how one will show elite level muay Thai and kickboxing matches. And the new ring is reminiscent of the pride days.
  18. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    I've snapped up Super Robot Wars. Only tried these games years ago on the GBA, but didn't get very far. Anyone played the Switch one?
  19. Popo

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    I don’t remember Sliders too well but that is one bizarre ending. The change in format to a political panel show really comes out of left field!
  20. metallicfrodo

    Oculus Quest - 21st May - £399 (64GB), £499 (128GB)

    As suggested Elite Dangerous is a strange game to pick as it doesn't take any advantage of what the breakthrough of the Quest allows which is the freedom that you are provided by it being an all in one solution. It also wasn't something that stopped you picking up a PSVR when that we the 'new' VR tech. You've called out the price a few times and yet it's on a par, and in fact cheaper that many 'compaparable' VR headsets and is wildly cheaper than the Index. The thing is Quest is absolutely the most powerful VR unit out there, it absolutely blows every other VR unit out the water from a tech point of view, because almost every other one is just a load of expensive materials until you plug it into something, and to get the best out of something like Index, something that has cost you a fortune in the first place. Who exactly is going to be releasing something in 12 months that will wildly outclass this? We haven't seen anyone pushing standalone quite like this and my thoughts woud be that this is Facebook's mass market unit. It's got the tech it has to allow them to sell it to enough early adopters and then begin to drop the price as manufacturing costs go down. It's their first entry into the 'console' lifecyle for VR.
  21. Rex Grossman

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Should I get the original Guacamelee or straight to the sequel?
  22. Today
  23. mr_woo

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Do the main missions for Marshall and you should get it within the first or second one I honestly had to force myself to use other weapons at first because I loved it so much
  24. I’m rewatching the whole show right now and I can’t fathom how people aren’t buying Dany’s arc - it was absolutely there from the beginning! Mind you, I’m one of those weirdos that has been enjoying this series, despite the literal darkness of Winterfell and the rushed number of episodes.
  25. nakamura

    Your views on collecting

    I only buy pretty much for 3 systems, SNES, PS1 and PS2. I counted I have 500 games for them in total but I enjoy every single one. Luckily all my stuff fits on two medium size bookshelves so it's not intrusive either. I like physical and original games. Any digital games I own I generally forget about.
  26. moosegrinder

    Epic Games Store - All Your Games Are Belong To Us

    They've made a right fucking pigs ear of it and no mistake.
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