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  2. Downside-Up! S71-JXX-5JG I almost broke my brain making this. The layout may look fairly simple, but making two identical but vertically inverted sub-worlds turned out to be anything but, nevermind trying to get some puzzle logic going on as well. I think this probably took longer to make than anything else I've done. There's some light platforming going on, but this is mainly a puzzle level.
  3. I think overall series 2 felt a little unnecessary. Not up with series 1, but still enjoyable to see these characters and the performances of the actors. I also can't now remember if series 1 was funny, but there were a number of hilarious scenes this time. Also I still absolutely love the opening credits - look forward to it every single time.
  4. Tetmon

    Pokemon Go

    Has anyone come across a dodgy stop yet? I saw one last night at about 11 at the local McDonalds, but wasn't able to get to it. What's the deal there?
  5. I made a big 'ol batch of it, and it was fantastic. I think I compromised somewhere... maybe with the cashews. But having half a dozen of those in the freezer when I wandered in from the pub? Like mana from heaven. I love heat which means I'm never likely to order a Makhani. It's really good though. And worth the effort.
  6. just finished and it was great from start to finish - good mystery to solve with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing Do we know if this is a one of series or will be there be more of the revival as this was brilliant
  7. I don't get why this is blowing people's minds. Perhaps because there are not a lot of big budget single player FPS these days to compare? Doom was targeting 60fps on a base Xbox One. The tech is built around different priorities to idTech 5 (Rage1, Wolf TNO), trading off environmental complexity for dynamic lighting. What works well for Doom (a fast highly stylised arcade game) does not work so well for Wolf2 (if players were expecting environmental richness like TNO and Old Blood). There are tradeoffs even if they're cleverly hidden, for instance you almost never encounter other main characters outside of the hub level or in-engine cutscenes where the camera is locked in place. (The game even jokes about this.) And yeah, Doom Eternal looks like the last game with a bit of garnish. Some new monsters, some new gimmicks, not three years of bold technical progress. A bit like what we got with Doom -> Doom 2 in fact. Which is to be expected if they're still trying to make something playable on base PS4/XB1. And Switch. And if it ain't broke...
  8. Imagine if Anna and Jordan get kicked off now. Would be a travesty! The islanders haven't had to vote on who is the least compatible couple either so far. Boooo!
  9. Curtis, on tonight's episode:
  10. That's grim, looked like a good one too, hope it comes through for you.
  11. The ‘feeling hurt, just about to cry’ look ?
  12. I loved him in True Detective, but I can’t see him mumbling any less with those fangs in !
  13. Jordan really didn't come out of that very well, did he? Ovie got my vote.
  14. I don’t think a single thing has happened in the last 2 episodes to advance the story. Patience is running very thin with this show now.
  15. Charlie was already being possessed at that point (as hinted at by the pigeon thing). They'd tried the ritual before and made a point of saying using a female didn't work so they needed a male body. One of the highlighted books the mother reads says something about a candidate having to be in a vulnerable state or something. That's probably the reason they had that the death was as bizarre as it was; so that Peter would be emotionally scarred over what happened.
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  17. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    For those with Civ VI:
  18. Apparently this is part of Phase 5, so we're looking at 2022? 23?
  19. CBT

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah those are the ones @unleashedmaniac. Clocked about 2 hours of BOTW onto it and battery hasn’t dropped an inch
  20. So you appear to be suggesting that Doom too was 'hampered' to work on Switch, perhaps Skyrim too? Doom Eternal certainly looks like it (it looks fucking amazing). I think you know you're being silly, but you believe what you want.
  21. One of my top ten Manga so i'm hoping the anime does it justice.
  22. Just voted for Anna and Jordan as my favourite couple after tonight's episode
  23. Rsdio

    vinyl lovers

    I don't know where you are but I think a lot of them have been blowing stuff out due to them shutting stores down. I guess excess stock will then be moved on to ones that are still open, probably still cheap-ish. Though some of the Eno's have also been on sale on The Sound of Vinyl so maybe they pressed up a few too many?
  24. Everybody was crap in the prequels, they were just badly written and directed. How GL managed to get such bad performances from talented actors is an achievement in itself. I don't think Marvel and TW would have cast Natalie Portman in such a pivotal role if they didn't believe she could pull it off. Out of all the announcements, I think this is the one I'm looking forward to the most, closely followed by the Eternals purely because it's something brand new.
  25. Lorfarius


    And well worth a watch.
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