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  2. Finished my sunken outdoor activities pit:
  3. BeeJay

    Playstation Now

    Playing online, on games that aren't on now, is about the only aspect of plus that seems to be unique to plus over now, which is a shame for those who primarily use plus for that scenario. I assume any merged service would have both but a price hike for people who only care about that would be crap.
  4. I hope next month we get two niche games.
  5. Redd has visited my island TWICE ever. The last time was a fortnight ago. What the fuck.
  6. I can offer a piano stool in black.
  7. You need to stick with it - by giving up after 2/3 levels you are seriously only experiencing a fraction of what it has to offer. Once you unlock abilities, more weapons and get comfortable with the mechanics, it starts to click and you’ll be having some serious wow moments and sublime gameplay.
  8. I admit that I haven't used a PSVR yet, but I've had fun with the Android VR one. How different an experience is it?
  9. I think I have a pale green piano stool but will have to check.
  10. Spiderman seems extremely unlikely to me, as it's a centre stage title to get people onto PS Now.
  11. Isn’t that Nioh price cheaper than its deal of the week last week?
  12. Just cancel relegation and I'm not fussed about the rest.
  13. I can't wait for people to moan that they already have these two games (due to then being AAA releases) so want two niche ones the next month.
  14. The most recent physically available games I’ve bought on release have been cheaper digitally. Either via codes from CDKeys or similar, or with cheap digital store credit. I’d never sell any game so resale value means nothing to me.
  15. I wasn't a fan of Doom 2016. Sure i could understand the hype and why people loved it. But for me it felt dull. Let me explain before you all pile on that quote and reply button. The early levels of Doom are dull with the basic weapons. The maps were not fun as you get forced into small locked arena after locked arena with one or two guns at your disposal. Shoot an enemy, wait for it to glow, punch it, repeat over and over. Watching friends play i could see the enjoyment came once you completed the game and had access to lots of stuff. But i saw the video reviews for Doom Eternal and was intrigued. A friend who loved Doom 2016 hated Doom Eternal upon launch. They'd changed too much, the first level was super difficult, it wasn't fun. He did end up loving it after lowing the difficulty and getting used to the changes. So here's me coming in, not liking the original. The opening level isn't fun. I constantly have no ammo, i cant use the chain saw on most enemies anymore, the game has thrown a million tutorials at me every 5 seconds, and it's a slog. The action is great when i have ammo but yeah. I knock the difficulty down to easy knowing that the game has thrown too much at me too soon and i need time to get my head around it. By level 3/4 im starting to get the whole glowing mechanic and the chainsaw. It's taking a while to understand the flame mechanic but about half way in i totally get how you are meant to play this game and having a blast, i've bumped it back up to normal except for bosses who get bumped down to easy. Im not dying but fights can be tough in the larger areas. Im really enjoying the platforming for the most part, although there's a few areas which i have to wonder why the developers made it that you have to be so precise. By the end of the game i've totally got my head around it and can whizz around, it's great. Especially going back to the early levels with all guns unlocked on the harder difficulties which feel easy now! But it's a flawed gem. The platforming, especially the end parts has huge moments of frustration for no reason. Don't include pixel perfect jumps in a game thats about rushing around. It kills the pace as i miss a wall hold or worse end up just punching it and not clinging to it. The endless tutorials, even for the final boss are just too overwhelming. The constant, at least at the start upgrades for this, upgrades for that, upgrades for the upgrades of the upgrades of the upgrades. Simplify that. The bosses are probably the worst part of the game. The normal moments of gameplay are great and the bosses throw all that out the window for dull enemies that stand in place whilst you wait for their exposed weak point. Theres too many duplicate guns that could have easily been combined. The sword whilst great is often forgotten as is the ice grenades. It's almost like they put every idea in here but then forgot they didn't have enough buttons for all of it. I can certainly see why people here struggle with it, the opening introduction is terrible for many reasons. But for me it is what i wanted from Doom 2016. Yes the arenas are still there but they feel well hidden this time with much larger environments. It now feels like a FPS with a clear path forward in a world rather than room after room after room. Would i recommend it to someone? Yes, with a but.
  16. Some are saying Spider-Man for some reason.
  17. They get installed from the disc then a patch, often as big as the entire game, is downloaded.
  18. Still need to wait a week to spend it though.
  19. Nice to see the Sisters Of Battle getting some deserved attention. Never cared much for Necrons but that may change.
  20. Aren’t discs just keys these days anyway and the game gets downloaded when you pop it in? Edit: Nah, that can’t be right, can it?
  21. Roger Waters has released a suitably curmudgeonly video complaining about the official Pink Floyd channel. Referring to Dave Gilmour’s wife and family... ”Why do we have to sit through Polly Samson year after year??” “Why do we have to watch the Von Trapps reading from their novels before bed, but can’t heat what Roger’s doing?” Anyway, he’s kind of got a point, but this is obviously not going to lead to anything but more bad blood. It’s also completely blinkered as he’s accusing Gilmour of doing exactly what he actually did, say that he alone is Pink Floyd. A fact he lost in court, handing the name to the other three. This all seems to have been brought about by Waters recent lockdown rendition of Mother which got over a million views. He’s obviously been waiting for an opportunity to hit back since 1985, the embittered old fossil. Still, video’s a good un.
  22. I think anyone who want to play Gamecube on a modern LCD should invest in a HDMI adapter, combined with the modern version of SWISS means you can play just about any import game on a PAL Gamecube and boot most PAL games into 480p. SWISS also corrects the text and save issue with the Japanese font on a English cube, but it does require that you then have a memory card set aside for only Japanese games and on boot your PAL cube bios can't read the card. Kaico recently provided Randomised Gaming with a unit of their Gamecube adapter to review and while there are other adapters out there I must stress, I was really impressed with the results. Given my old Gamecube a new least of life for GC, GBA and GC games. Picture quality is slightly better then the Wii component output as well I found. I went down the route of a Action replay disc and a SD media loader to boot SWISS on Gamecube. You can burn a bootable SWISS disc, but getting the mini CDs and a burner that can write to them is rather tricky.
  23. Today
  24. Nothing, I only have the camel colour though.
  25. So PSVR is a bit bloody cool, I love the lighting and sense of scale you just don't get that through a TV I've only played a couple of the demo bits but looking forward to having a proper play.
  26. Quick and dirty paint up to tabletop quality for the Temple of Elemental Evil hero characters this weekend. Should brighten up the game a bit. I'm going to try and break the habit of a lifetime and do the whole set, which I think means around 24 monsters to paint up too
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