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  2. I'm 4 episodes in and he's showing one of the triad already... I actually don't really like that storyline thus far. It's a bit on the nose and I've it started in earnest the show is pointedly drawing connections between the units work and it. But the show's so good I'm sure it'll come around.
  3. Henry Cejudo is looking at the heavyweight belt and starting to drink extra protein shakes.
  4. Pulp Fiction Jackie Brown Inglourious Basterds Kill Bill vol 1 Reservoir Dogs Kill Bill vol 2 Django Unchained Once Upon a Time in Hollywood The Hateful Eight [True Romance] [From Dusk Till Dawn] Death Proof But I've only seen the films from Django Unchained downwards once each, so those are most likely to change position.
  5. It's an outstanding film. Full of humour, dread and sadness. It is absolutely worth going into it without knowing anything.
  6. That farming guide is vastly more tedious than it needs to be. (I know minmaxing the game is a fun challenge in itself...) Just build a mixed farm on your freighter, maybe a couple of gas harvesting bases* (or scout systems where gases are traded at trading posts) to get an initial stock of materials, then just do guild missions and/or visit minor settlement shops and/or sending out frigate (PBM) expeditions to get generous quantities of the intermediate products. You'll be constantly trickling products down the tech tree while playing the interesting parts of the game. You don't need a billion units. Unless they've significantly increased the prices of ships, frigates and capital class freighters. Units are easy to come by, it's certain building materials that are annoyingly scarce if you get into serious base building. *You can efficiently convert any gas to any other with the large refiner, so there's not that much point in having multiple gas farms. Eighthours: I think your best odds are to find a wealthy high tech/scientific system and try the multitool shop on the local space station.
  7. Just in case anyone wanted Hotline Miami(s) on a cart:
  8. Climbing ladders and watching women cup their breasts. He’s made a Robin Askwith simulator.
  9. In PSVR ‘my’ hands clip the flighstick and thrust control. When I first started they animated properly. Anyone else getting this?
  10. Far and away the best movie of the year. I'm still not sure if it's masterpiece but it's really close and I'm somewhat confident that I'll call it a masterpiece after rewatches. There is a lot of stuff in this movie and imo his most complex movie yet. I also think it's probably the most horrifying movie I've seen all year. Some of the stuff that happens in the movie just feels like an absolute gut punch and I still can't stop thinking about it. A film I feel which definitely lives up to the hype. Trailer contains spoilers so I would try to avoid it if you can.
  11. Why did they get the two people in the company who can't pronounce their 'R's to do a video where they say raytracing so many times?
  12. I switched back to the TV for a bit of supply purchasing and logging my discoveries - the kids were around so no VR option. Yes it looks a lot clearer (so probably better for photography), and the text input is better with DS4, but I realized I want to play it exclusively in VR. I did it the other way three years ago. VR is just so immersive, and that's the whole point. You get used to the resolution - less so if you chop and change.
  13. I'm a huge He-man fan, I'm cautiously optimistic about this. I 'm another fan of the 2002 He-Man reboot series. It was very well done and stayed true to the original while updating the characters and storytelling. In the meanwhile lets celebrate with this gem.
  14. Are there any blueprints available for the S scanner upgrades people keep talking about? Can’t find any on the anomaly.
  15. Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse One Cut of the Dead Apollo 11 Avengers Endgame John Wick 3 Shazam
  16. Yeah I've been watching a lot of there deep fake movie videos. Good stuff.
  17. Today
  18. Also being filmed near Newbury. How showbiz!! https://www.newburytoday.co.uk/news/news/28009/fast-furious-9-being-filmed-at-greenham-common.html
  19. That's decent, and I stand by my comments about Mansell's biography! I've read it so you don't have to.
  20. I'm getting in to it a bit more... I'm a big fan of the aspect ratio...I love that... I have a few Kunio kun games on famicom. I need to read a wiki page about kunio-kun at some point!
  21. Nurburgring GP was fab. I like the real circuits so much more than the fictional ones even though a lot of those are really good.
  22. So all players old and new can play together, Bungie are raising the light level to 750 for everyone. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/amp/destiny-2-shadowkeep-will-bump-all-players-to-power-level-750/
  23. Best series so far I think, so many great episodes in this. I loved the leeway the location gave for adding even more flavour into the soup. More than a bit silly to try to pick holes in the plot lines though - the show has always thrown in a mish mash of paper thin plots and motivations to fluff the main arcs, such as they are. You either like it for what it is, or you don’t.
  24. Inspired by the stuff you've posted i have given a PSCX2 a try on my i5 / Geforce 650 and i am happy with the results.
  25. On the other hand, you can’t just pick and choose which games you are going to play. If they aren’t capable of fielding a team then they shouldn’t be in the league. It happens at every other level of the sport. I have sympathy for the players themselves they took a mauling on Saturday and it would have been a similar result the week before if it wasn’t for some very strange/dodgy refereeing decisions. I’ve seen two of their games this season and they simply can’t compete physically with the other teams. They also don’t yet have the experience to be able to cope tactically with the opposition either.
  26. The game looks awesome and I love the fact that I dont understand much of what is happening in the trailers. It looks like its going to deliver at least some gameplay that has never been seen before, and thats a very welcome thing in my view when so many games look like each other and do the exact same things. The only thing Im worried about is that the game is going to rely on clearing a big map with a million icons on it, much like HZD or Days Gone. MGSV also did that to an extent. It would be a shame if the game manages to deliver some exciting new gameplay mechanics, but at the same time still be mired in this kind of outdated quest/hub design.
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