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  2. You can get it from the Nintendo online store for the same price - with the steel book AND a glow in the dark key ring!
  3. Plus isn't aliexpress about on the level of Wish. I'd assume what would actually turn up in most cases would be a 2gb SD card badged as 64gb and a plastic model of Pikachu in a Deadpool outfit.
  4. My online account recently renewed. I was hoping that Nintendo might start looking at dropping news of SNES goodness soon as most people's must be for renewal around now.
  5. This issue was actually pretty common back in the day (I feel old) especially with SE Version on older motherboards. Other solutions used to be to inject specific drivers into the process or run setup.exe with specific tags that prevented it from attempting driver installation via PnP and left you to do it all manually once the process was finished. Since ME/XP onwards this became a thing of the past luckily. Pop me the motherboard model and I'll have a look.
  6. played westworld last night and im enjoying it - its a spiritual successor to Alien Isolation. It supposed to be about 4-6 hours long (depending how much exploring you do - in the first sections there are lots of thing to look at/read etc... that you don't need to for the story to progress, add more to the world as you do.
  7. That was dire against Coventry, I thought it couldn't get worse than the Sunderland game, how I was wrong.
  8. Almost like every investor in a movie expects to get a 5:1 return?
  9. I suspect its an 'artistic vision' thing, I quite like the colour palette but shooting in 2.35:1 for a show designed to be shown on tv screens always does my head in as guarantees everybody watching gets stupid borders for no reason/benefit.
  10. 50% of funding doesn’t offset a 50% loss in box office take. That’s like offering to pay $100m to take $500m.
  11. Bond leaves the Welsh male voice choir as he has no time to Dai.
  12. My best mate likes Discovery. Its ruining our relationship as he cannot see the error of his ways and I am quickly losing respect for him. Mind you, he loved Voyager and never watched all of DS9 so I should have seen that coming.
  13. So, my thought is that having current MCU Spidey is nice. He's good, the films are good and it's fun to have him in other films. I also think it's likely they'll sort it out & I'd like to see MCU Spidey continue. However, it's not really that big a disaster. Spiderman outside of the MCU is 1. the most lucrative super hero of them all. 2. He is never (well, unlikely) going to become the major character he could/should be in the shared films, due to the risk that he becomes 'too' important to the MCU. 3. Spider-Man has many cool storylines he could pursue within his own 'universe' of bad guys, including a bunch of 'out there' stuff like in Spiderverse. Whatever happens it would be nice to keep Holland in, as we might get to see some extended character development. He's still sort of finding his feet as Spider-Man and a bit wow about suits and powers. He could knuckle down, start Parker Industries inspired by Stark (whether explicitly mentioned or not), develop his own tech stuff, kind of go it alone. The MJ in his films would be a decent character to develop too. Become Spider-Man. Then Marvel and Sony could make up and he could join Phase 5 or 6 again as a more mature leader type Spider-Man for the Secret Wars plot line, right? Or bumble back in with Miles Morales, Ben Reilly, Flash as Agent Venom, Spider-Gwen and even MJ as Spider Woman Yeah, rambling.
  14. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    Yep, terrible quest I think. I have 200 friends. I don’t interact with many of them via gifts, just raids. But I don’t care to be removing and reading or finding new ones. Such a complete chore.
  15. Disney was offering 50% of the funding, since Sony was complaining about the high budget from Far From Home, and then the return is based on the % funding. It's not like they're offering nothing and expecting 10x their current return.
  16. My earlier post was incorrect on the details: The existing deal is 5% of first day take. Which is low but Sony pay for everything. Disney get 5% for their creative input and nothing else. Sony doesn’t have merch rights, they go to Disney, Sony only makes profit off the total box office take. The new deal Disney asked for was 50% of the total box office take. Disney still take all merch profits. So this is a terrible deal for Sony. Reportedly, even so, they went as high as 30% - but Disney wouldn’t budge. Disney/MCU are now waging a social media war against Sony. Sony Pictures are still arrogant and creatively bankrupt, but they do own the movie rights to Spider-man, so Disney is the bad guy here.
  17. Without wishing to appear condescending or patronising , You are a completely different prospect these days. You’ve gone from Back marker to contender .
  18. Today
  19. The Hierophant


    I'm a massive Ride fan. I liked the Weather Diaries. Only listened to the new album once so far but it’s a bit different. I don’t dislike it. Need to listen to it a bit more.
  20. I think I’m going to go for Pang as my choice. There are the original games but I’ve played a different version in arcade club of super pang.
  21. There’s a funky S Class Exotic that showed up in my freighter, back when ships used to do that, which I’m gonna need to make some serious money if I’m adding it to the collection. Space Aardvark Farm is on a moon which orbits a huge lifeless planet which has dinosaur bones - so a day of digging ahead (with a bit of experimental cookery in the mix - need to add a BBQ deck to the farm).
  22. 5R7

    Xbox Game Pass

    Cdkeys have 3 months of ultimate for 14quid, and, it stacks with existing subs. so for 56quid, you could get a year! Not bad that lol https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/games/3-month-xbox-game-pass-ultimate-xbox-one-pc
  23. Gotters

    Sport Documentaries

    That's a great one, so many of the wrestling ones are, Sky had on The Resurrection of Jake The Snake (with DDP hawking his DDP yoga system) and the brilliant Andre the Giant one too. Whooooo.
  24. Can anyone help me find the ESPN special on Ric Flair? Can't find it anywhere online.
  25. Amazing. I work in education so can't take days off outside of the term breaks so i asked my wife to take the kids away for release weekend as this year's birthday present!
  26. Ben rubs his hands gleefully in the background.
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