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Animal Crossing: Wild World

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My gate will be open tonight if anyone fancies an apple or two and a gander at my awesome Native American outfit.

I can attest that the Native American outfit is truly outstanding. Thanks so much for letting me wander around your town, Sarlac - as I noted in-game, your 'Drunken Santa' constellation is a work of genius. Cheers, mate.

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I should also have thanked you for the apples - I've taken quite a few back home with me!

Nah I got loads of em mate don't worry.

Napole0n just came round and his outfit looks awesome.

Gonna go round later for a shovel. But I gotta eat sometime today. Damn this game is additive, I've been spending most of the day fishing. Gotta catch em all!

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We've only just moved to Leonards, and already the gossip and intrigue is going through the roof.

You see the thing is I reckon one of my neighbours, Joey, is gay for Wolfgang. Joey asked me if I thought there was anything going on between Kiki and Wolfgang. I said there probably wasn't, and that seems to have inspired him to send loads of presents to Wolfgang. Clothes, mostly. He asked me to take parcel round to Wolfgang's last night and when it turned out to be a sailor suit Wolfgang completely flipped out.

I invited Joey round to mine later to calm him down but he never showed up. Then when I went to see where he was he was vex all up in my face. Like, what's that all about?

And now Tipper has moved into the village, on mine and mrs lfj's side of the river, and he's apparently an old friend of Wolfgang's. It'll be interesting to see what kind of state Joey is in when I get home.

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Ok, the following chaps are now on my friends list, but don't have me (perhaps).

Fry in Dunfton: 1503-8500-2810 (that's me, not the chaps)

The more the merrier, then you can avail of my terrific line in peaches, and my not-so-terrific line in dodgy football shirts. If it takes your fancy.

Alan of Mesanto - 3608-3827-7128

Anthony of Sunny D - 1460-9006-8611

Charly of Narayan - 3350-6886-3184

Daisy of Dunedin - 3393-6355-4739

Darren of Jamhew - 3264-7860-7361

don Pik of Crackton - 0344-2097-0450

Eric of Kempston - 2706-4421-3649

Ginger of Gingvil - 3007-0880-1771

Joe of Mooblin - 4682-1225-9607

John of Bury - 2491-6911-9305

Juno in Daventry - 4682-1252-8649

Majie of Roxford - 4166-7290-2138

Martin of Puntown - 3092 9888 0267

Mellman of Melville - 4725-0718-8579

Nic of Nnoooton - 5240-4719-6130

Nick from Fenglade - 3007-0854-1519

Plums of Jackson - 0086-5111-4497

Ric of Ricville - 3994-9304-7717

Sideshow of Anaville - 3909-0327-1204

Starls of Jimby - 3007-0853-5965

Stu of Balloch - 3479-5348-4933

Spanx from Lovetown - 2491 6913 5440

Tim of Bangaio - 2878-2402-8537

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Crap, it crashed when Dinsdale came in.

Hope you guys didn't lost too much. I'm off to bed now, thanks for the game!

Cheers for the shovel mate, think Don Pik lost the apples I gave him though.

Also, guess who's moved from your town to mine?

Oh yeah. Mr Stud. I'm gonna have my wiked way with that blue cat. B)


It's a she right?

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