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Animal Crossing: Wild World

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Added Rorsach, Napole0n and Ithica just now. Soon the gates will be open (gotta have me some burgers first).

I never noticed dogsout trying to enter Dunfton, so not entirely sure what's going on there. I also lose control of this computer to my girlfriend shortly so the gates will be open, but I'll not know if you're coming.

I never could see The Kop when I tried to go visiting somewhere, neither.

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Hopper challenged me to catch a Red Snapper fish before he did. I accepted and showed him the one I caught before he challenged me. He then said "Ha! You're two seconds late! I already caught one!"

Either the bastard is lying or he has some sort of mystical time travel machine. Smacking him with the net a few hundred times cheered me up.

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So annoyed I can't afford this until January. So jealous right now! I loved the original. Soon I will come with my crappy house and weeds and then you won't be laughing I tell you.

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