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Cracking episode this week, so many great moments for me. :)

Leon remarking in the car, "This car is a f**k machine! This is the other man!" :lol:

Susie and Larry in the car. Anything in the car, in fact.

The abuse Bill Buckner was getting you could sense how the episode was going to end.

Season Finale next week. :(

Agree with all that. Leon was great, and I actually hurt from laughing at

Susie and Larry in the car.

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I've downloaded it 3 times now (via NZB Matrix) and every time I get "Invalid Checksum Cannot Be Recovered" in MacPar Deluxe. The first Par File is missing when trying to download via Virgin or Astraweb's severs.

I bet this is a Mac thing. I fucking hate Macs.

I had same issue - on an imac. Previous two episodes caused problems. For those I downloaded par files again and recovered each. I couldn't get that to work with s0808, so, resorted to..... isohunt!

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The last two episodes were brilliant, typical Curb with all the little plotlines coming together at the end. Great finale too.

This season was strange in that it didn't really have an overarching storyline like the others (the restaurant investment/stage show/Seinfeld reunion etc), and it didn't really go anywhere. Not that that's a bad thing, we had some really cracking episodes and it was a great season overall. It definitely benefited from a change of scenery by moving to New York though, and I hope they go back.

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That final episode was wonderful, so many great lines and moments. The wee boy couldn't have played that any better.

Yeah, he was brilliant. They should totally make him a regular, Leon style. Not that that's really possible, I guess. I remember thinking the same a few seasons ago about the prostitute Larry picked up on his way to a baseball match just so he'd have an excuse to use the car-share lane. She was worth more than one episode too.

Anyway. Best episode of the season for me. Pretty much every scene was sublime.

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Firstly, apologies for those seeing the bump who expected to see news of a new season of Curb. This isn't that, although Jeff Garlin did mention in an interview recently that things 'look good' for that happening at some indeterminate point in the future.

Garlin has a new podcast on the often-excellent Earwolf Podcast Network called 'By The Way', in which he hosts informal conversations with guests on stage at the Largo club in LA. The first episode features Larry David and as such should be excellent.

It's just been released on iTunes or you can listen directly here:


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