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Thought Gervais was ok in this, he was never used to overshadow the main characters and 'take over' scenes. Though you could tell he was close to cracking up in multiple scenes

especially the stare scene. Recall Gervais talking about it on his blog and how they just couldn't get through that scene. I think they just cut multiple takes together to make it 'work' in the end

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Aye, I thought he was pretty, pretty good in a pretty, pretty good episode. Trying to remember what I've seen Hank in before and it's bugging me.

Next week:

Leon :omg:

It's Dr. Spaceman! (from 30 Rock) he also does Cyril's voice on Archer amongst other stuff I'm sure~

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Cracking episode this week, so many great moments for me. :)

Leon remarking in the car, "This car is a f**k machine! This is the other man!" :lol:

Susie and Larry in the car. Anything in the car, in fact.

The abuse Bill Buckner was getting you could sense how the episode was going to end.

Season Finale next week. :(

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