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Yeah it's a total relic but once you get past that it's worth it.

Another thing I love about it is that in almost any social situation you can think of, Seinfeld has commented on it. It's like it's cataloguing your life or something.

Indeed, my one little compliant about CYE would be they are repeating situations a little. "Blowjobs in cars are risky/dangerous" "You can hurt your neck from a car crash or giving head" both have had two episodes.

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Partridge was mostly filmed in front of an audience though, the sets were just built & lit in a way that made people think it wasn't.

I don't think it was, it was filmed and shown to an audience afterwards wasn't it, with the laughter track being used from that?

EDIT: Apparently, it was filmed in front of a live audience who watched from monitors... :unsure:

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Season 8 starts July 10! That's just over a month away.

I'm going to rewatch the lot before then. Join me bitchezzzz.

I'm up to episode 8. Favourite so far - Interior Decorator. It's better on repeat viewing than I'd expected! Pretty good, even.

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I'm gonna stay out of forums on this because all people do is over analyse it, declare it's crap, for some reason you agree and then a year later you go back and realise that it's brilliant.

+1 nothing worse than hearing you lot dissect my favourite comedy of all time.

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It didn't all come together at the end like it usually does though, did it? I know they set lots of stuff up for later episodes and the season finale, but stuff like

Larry's nosebleed tampon - shouldn't the girl scout's dad have found him with it and accused Larry of being some kind of teenage-girl-tampon-sniffing freak or something?

None of the episode-specific threads seemed to tie up properly. The typical Curb Your Enthusiasm structure wasn't there. Still great to have it back, like.

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