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"Jesus cock you have a Christ on!"


Best line of the ep for me.

Yup genuine lol for me. But I think the best line belonged to Albert Brooks to Shane

"coming here with your sunbeams and Euthanasia"

Excellent news in the preview that Doug's down mexico way -_-

"is he your pimp?"

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OMG ;) That was, like, one of the best episodes of Weeds, ever. It had everything. The season is shaping up to be one of the best.

So great to have Doug back with the gang, he pretty much stole the episode. Was that the first mention of his son Josh since the pilot? I think it was.

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Just noticed the season 3 soundtrack is out.

Bloody short though. 34 minutes.

I uploaded the 'proper' Season 3 soundtrack just after the season ended, last year. It contains 40 tracks, which is basically every song featured during the season that I could get a hold of.

I'l see if I can find the link for you, and PM you.

[edit] Found, and PMed.

40 tracks, 98mb.

Episode 1 - Little Boxes - Randy Newman

Episode 1 - Japanese Car - Gideon Freudmann

Episode 1 - You F*cked Up - Ween

Episode 2 - Little Boxes - Angelique Kidjo(extended)

Episode 2 - Here's Your Future - The Thermals

Episode 3 - Little Boxes - Kinky

Episode 3 - Nosebleed - Illinois

Episode 3 - Knock Knock - Gwendolyn

Episode 4 - Little Boxes - Donovan

Episode 4 - Mary J - Desirable Sun

Episode 5 - Little Boxes - Billy Bob Thorton(extended)

Episode 5 - Walk in the Park - Oh No! Oh My!

Episode 5 - Girl Anachronism - Dresden Dolls

Episode 5 - Let's Drive Away - Eleni Mandel

Episode 6 - Little Boxes - The Shins (extended)

Episode 6 - Jesus - Page France

Episode 6 - Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers

Episode 7 - Little Boxes - The Individuals

Episode 7 - Living in the Spirit - Ray Greene

Episode 7 - Evil - Future Pigeon

Episode 7 - The Earth Keeps Turning On - Mr. Smolin

Episode 8 - Little Boxes - Man Man

Episode 8 - Feathers - Man Man

Episode 8 - Sunny Day - Gwendolyn

Episode 8 - 10 lb. Moustache - Man Man

Episode 8 - Engrish Bwudd - Man Man

Episode 9 - Little Boxes - Joan Baez

Episode 9 - Buttmachine - That 1 Guy

Episode 10 - Little Boxes - The Decemberists(extended)

Episode 11- Little Boxes - Michael Franti

Episode 11- Corkscrew -Morning 40 Federation

Episode 11 - Wooden Shoes in Tirol - The Drifting Boulders

Episode 12 - Little Boxes - Persephone's Bees

Episode 13 - Little Boxes - Laurie Berkner Band

Episode 13 - You Broke My Heart - Lavender Diamond

Episode 13 - Scenic World - Beirut

Episode 14 - Little Boxes - Linkin Park

Episode 14 - Messages - Xavier Rudd

Episode 15 - Keepsake - State Radio

Episode 15 - Little Boxes - Pete Seeger(extended)

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Hate to say it but this series has been the worst of the show for me so far, mainly because nothing has really "happened" in the 4 episodes we've received. It's still good but it's just lacking something that the other series had. Hope it picks up.

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Yeah, I know all of that I don't need you to remind me, it just feels minature and slow compared to the pace of previous series.

Yeah, I agree with you. It started poorly but has improved slightly, but the first four episodes have been some of the worst I've seen.

And Doug repeating the same thing three times isn't as funny as some of you seem to think <_< Weeds was always funny and never resorted to that. And in this episode we saw it twice.

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What sort of bothered me was just how easily Nancy

killed the grandmother.

I would have expected more (or any) debate on the matter from her. And when

the electricity cut didn't kill her, I thought she asked for the pillow all too easily.

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The only thing bothering me about the new season is why Nancy isn't concerned that Conrad seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. They've spent 3 years sharing this sexual tension before finally getting it together for the last few episodes of season 3. His final scene was about 10 minutes into the last ep of last season, when he was asking Nancy what she'd do if her house burned down. That's no way to write out a character we've been watching for three years. No goodbye, no nothing. I can understand why Heylia is gone, she said she was getting out of the business after all, but there's no reason for Conrad not to still be around.

I really wish he shows up during this season sometime. If only to give him the farewell that his character deserves.

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I like the shake-up, it keeps things interesting. I'll miss Conrad, but they should probably stop shoe-horning the old crew back in now that Doug and Celia are here - it could get a little barmy otherwise.

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