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Rome From Hbo


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its gladiator meets westwing meets sopranos meets soft-core porn :(

first episode isn't too shabby - lots of stabbing people in the head with swords, flashes of gal's clouts, political intrigue and showing more gals clouts

acting seemed to be pretty good, Rome looked shit hot (ie the sets looked good) and the story drew me along - looking forward to episode 2

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Hey there.

I hear the first 3 episodes are the weakest of the series. They stopped production after a few months working on them and thought things through a bit more and apparently "fixed" it. Because by episode 4 the show is meant to become fantastic.

Despin out.

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Well it's starting on BBC 2 next wednesday - I'll be tuning in.

Wed 2 Nov, 9:00 pm - 9:50 pm  50mins

After eight years of war, Julius Caesar has triumphed over the Gauls and looks set to return to Rome. But his soaring popularity is making his co-counsel Pompey Magnus fear that he wants to seize control and return as a dictator. When Caesar's personal standard is stolen, Mark Antony entrusts two unwilling soldiers, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, with the near impossible task of retrieving it. [AD,S]

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