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Retro Gamer Freelancers Band Together!


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I hope this is ok to post here.


The RG freelancers, including myself, have banded together to create a final homage issue for RG.

The above forum should replace the now dead RG one, and will also keep you posted as to what's going on regarding the final farewell issue which we are trying to put together.

The full story, including inside details, can also be found there. Have fun, and hopefully the retro spirit will continue.

Please be sure to pass this info on to other fans of RG and retro games.



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A great idea.

Have you guys thought about perhaps producing a fanzine version of this? Production values don't have to be high as long as the articles are easy to read and well laid out.

I'd certainly prefer a fanzine over a CDROM, but will of course support the disc if that's going to be the only output.


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Production values don't have to be high

They never were on that mag were they?


I feel sorry for the guys who've lost their jobs and those who appear to have not been paid, I hope you all get "satisfaction" one way or another and find something else you enjoy as much as working for RG. My best wishes for you all.


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It annoys the hell out of me how, when things start to go tits up, the first thing they start to hold back on is paying wages to freelances and lower down the ladder members of staff. You can bet your bottom dollar (if you had one, RG freelancers haha... sorry ) the bigwigs didn't take a hit out of their final paypackets.

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