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English Food


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When looking for English food, it's usually good to think (for main courses) of things that involve gravy :ph34r:

Anything from a range of Roast Meats, anything with Yorkshire Puddings, Hotpots and Casserole's, Shephers/Cottage/Fish Pie, Toad in the Hole and - of course - Fish and Chips is good.

Then there's your classic English Breakfast. And crumpets and scones (especially in Cream Teas)

Oh, and the mighty bread and butter pudding ;) Hell, anything 'pudding' is ours.

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Also cold dishes like game pie and spiced beef.

Milk puddings and jellies.

Porridge and oatcakes (as we've expanded into British food not just English)

There are dishes that use ingredients that you don't get in other places - things made with quinces and damsons for example.

Kedgeree is totallly British.

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Which is ironic considering it's impossible to get conventional Baked Beans in the States. We had to go the the British Food Shop or up to Vancouver to get baked beans with standard tomato sauce.

I think Heinz beans deserve honourary English citizenship. As does their tomato ketchup.

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Good work so far, keep 'em coming.

I'm liking the idea of things with gravy...

I did have in mind traditional english food, and i think toad in the hole and fish and chips were on the list somewhere. Also strange food like rabbit and hare and stuff.

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That's kind of what I was thinking. Rabbit is more unusual for my diet than strange - maybe I should try it!

Like the point about cheese.

I also realised maybe I should go and check out Gary Rhodes - I don't like him much but doesn't he always bang on about re-inventing shepherds pie and whatnot?

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Its about my least favourite fish  I'm afraid - I find it pretty tasteless.

Its OK smoked (we couldn't find any other fish the other weekend) but give me smoked mackerel anyday.

Actually - that's another UK dish isn't it really - Mackerel - fresh caught and cooked on the beach.

A thick piece of cod will need thorough seasoning, true, but I wouldn't say it is tasteless.

I love Mackerel, but only when it's really fresh. I could quite happily eat a couple, grilled, just with some buttered brown toast.

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