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If there's one custom map that needs to go on the server, it should be de_losttemple. It looks beautiful, it's balanced and it's beautiful. Everyone who loves css should try it at least 100 times.

Download the map+nav-file HERE

A plea for the admins: put this map on the server asap, preferably yesterday.

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An ancient and lost temple has been found. Archeologists discovered a great secret and are about to put the pieces together. Terrorists: Use the C4 to destroy one of the artifact puzzles the archeologists have already secured on A or B. Counter-Terrorists: Prevent terrorists from bombing the secured artifacts.


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From the screenshots, it reminds me of Serious Sam :D

I can't wait to have a muck-about with this.

Fair play it does!

"I got a present for ya"

"It's all fun anf games till someone loses an eye"

"I thought i just killed you!?"

All the corney remarks spring back to my mind.

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