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The Bestest Ever Psone Games


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There are loads,or course the obvious Res Evil,FF and other Square games but how about:

Doom! I never had a PC and playing this linked up on a PS1 was amazing,sitting with TVs back to back with a mate! So good!

I also remember really enjoying

Jumping Flash

Tekken(great pulling off a 10 hit combo)

Point Blanks,Ghoul Panic,Mighty Hits(as already mentioned)

Bust A Groove! So good,and why did i sell mine all those years ago!

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few of my faves:

+castlevania SOTN of course

+Ridge Racer Type 4, one of the only decent CGI intros ever and a brilliant game with ace music

+ore no ryuri - ace restraunt game using the dual sticks

+umihara kawase shun - excellent platformer, sequel to the snes one

+sexy parodius

+harmful park

+dodonpachi if you can tilt your screen

+rtype delta

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Symphony Of the Night


Definately my desert-island-game there. Best thing EVAR.

Less obvious choices possibly not mentioned:

Alundra - 2D Zelda-esque goodness.


Silent Hill

Abe's Oddysee


Twisted Metal World Tour (if only for the split screen).

And another mention for Wipeout 2097 as the Second-Best thing EVAR.

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A few that havent been mentioned yet but I enjoyed.

Assault Rigs

Silent Bomber

Tenchu 1 (but avoid the sequel at all costs)

Spyro 1 and Spyro 3

Gundam Battle Assault

Has Metal Gear Solid been mentioned? I know it isn't cool these days but like the original Tomb Raider its still a classic.

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I find it shocking that Abe's Oddysee took 51 replies. Including one of my own...

Abe's Exoddus is great too, although it lacks the impact of the first.

Love them to bits- it's amazing how little they've aged, really. They still look and play beautifully to this day :)

The Crash Bandicoot series hasn't aged much at all either. The third installment still looks great, and it's a fantastic platformer to boot.

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Chances are I can think of more but here is a small selection.

Gran Turismo (the first and the best)

Cool Boarders 2

Ridge Racer Type 4

Metal Gear Solid

Ghost in the Shell

Xenogears (import only)

Einhander (import only)

Brave Fencer Musashiden (import only)

Final Fantasy VII

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider 2

Resident Evil 2

Rage Racer

Tekken 3

Kula World

Um Jammer Lammy

Vib Ribbon

Parappa the Rapper

Time Crisis

Ace Combat

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Tenchu 1 (but avoid the sequel at all costs)

Has Metal Gear Solid been mentioned?

Ahhh, Tenchu. I loved that game. The draw distance made it pretty hard on the eyes even back then tho'. MGS unfashionable? It's a classic!

No One Can Stop Mr Domino


I forgot about that one. Top game.

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