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Every Issue Of Super Play On A Dvd

Graham S

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According to the folks over at Stu's forum fella was actually charging the people whose work he was illegally profiting from for a copy of the discs. To me that's crossing the line. That's crossing the line and carrying on so far you can't even see the bloody line anymore, and makes me a lot less irritated about the fact that he got slapped down. Couple that with the fact that these were originally priced at closer to 30 bloody quid and I'm sorry, but the argument that this is about covering costs rather than making a profit holds this much water: None. Still... Even saying that, I'd have loved copies of YS, CF and Superplay.

I've just ordered myself a copy of the C&VG disc as I have absolutely no willpower. I'm sure I'll be happy with my purchase but it really did stick in my throat. I'd have been far more comfortable paying duplication costs plus a suggested donation for his time and effort, even if the suggested donation was more than the current £15 price point. I get the feeling that if it had been offered this way then Future wouldn't have been quite so quick to stamp all over it.

Now if anyone fancies putting together the conveniently bolded sections and dropping me a PM... :o

Edit: Just realised AP is a Future Publishing baby too. Noooo! If anyone from Future is lurking here: I'd quite happily sell a lung to get hold of an official AP DVD. Make it happen.

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Damn, that is sad news. Lousy corporations! <raises fist to the sky>

Always trying to stop the common man from enjoying life, keeping us under their control, our behaviour, way of life, thoughts, etc.... I dunno, insert some thoughtful 1984 references here.

So let me get this straight.

If I am understanding Mr Hazelby correctly:

If I now want to get hold of the Superplay DVD, I need to either PM someone who got hold of their Superplay DVD, or sit around patiently waiting for someone to PM me about these Superplay DVDs. At which point conversations need to take place in private, regarding said DVD?

Not that I'm hinting at anything of course. ;)

But that certainly sounds like a sensible idea, and a safe precaution.

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Oh and to anyone interested in mean machines (i pimped this site in another thread):


the radion automatic interview is ace especially on the subject of CVG closing:

If it had closed in the days of Paul Rand running “Fit Sister” (send in photos of your attractive sibling for the staff to perv over – entries received: none ever.) I wouldn’t have complained,


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I rather cheekily managed to get hold of the Superplay DVD from someone here, if you're reading this, you know who are you are, and thanks again!

My brief thoughts:

* Well organised folder, and easy to navigate page scans.

* Each and EVERY page has been scanned, including the ads pages. Literally everything.

* The scans are of a high quality, quite large, and all the text is easy to read. Hell, even the screen shots turned out good. Normally when you scan magazine screenshots, you get a dotted effect.

Clearly Mort knew what he was doing, and did an excellent job.

I had a skim through, checking out my favourite issues, and also the issues I missed.

It's beautiful, so beautiful that I nearly wept. I was suddenly looking at modding and import guides, and the SP team telling you to get an import machine, and recomending some great games from "across the pond".

They had some amazing in-depth coverage, from both America and Japan, and dare I say it, it's even better than I remember it.

It's like a wonderful A to Z of all the greatest things that happened in the life of the SNES, all rolled into one single DVD. I remember one of the guys from this forum speaking to me about why some publisher doesn't make the ultimate almanac. Well frankly, with such a DVD you wouldn't need one. It has everything I remember from that era, and more. great artwork, great non-game coverage. And passion, such amazing passion. I had forgotten about it tbh, having read so many modern publications. Full of fun and colour.

Why aren't modern mags like this? Yeah, GamesTM is excellent, but they are the minority, and sometimes tend to have too much of a gritty style to them. Still, at least they do a good job of having plenty of screenshots as opposed to large areas of white space, unlike a certain other mag who will remain nameless.

Easily a 10/10 job, good quality, nearly 3 gigs of material, simply brilliant. Nostalgic, but also informative, since I never did get a full collection. It anything, it saddens me that I didn't start reading Superplay earlier, I think I only managed to get just less than half their mags. :unsure:

And also, shame on you people for criticising Mort for charging money for this! I got it at the price of a DVD, but frankly would have been happy paying a good £25 or more. The work that went into scanning each and ever page must have been huge. Were it not for the fact that I am literally flat broke right now, (and saving for the PS2 Taito compilatioon), I would probably send him a donation.

I can only hope that Future back off, or at least strike some kind of deal, and that these scans may be allowed to be circulated again. Tbh, a museum should contact him, and hire him full time to do these scans.

Can you imagine walking into a games museum and being able to call up any games page from just about any magazine that had been printed?

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Ahhh!!!! What in the name of all that is holy have I done!?

Please, stop PMing me everyone. The first few were ok, but please chaps, I'm just one guy!

(in case anyone is curious, I was reffering to supplying French stamps, which is where I live. In France. Why I posted such a message in this topic, well, thats up to you to work out. :( )

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I've never dabbled in torrents. I only have a 56k dial up connection. :wacko:

Anyway, I wish more people had this, we could then debate scores until the cows come home.

I was eager to read their Shadowrun review, which I missed the first time, and I think they got it a bit wrong. The reviewer went on and on about how great it was, the only complaint being the sprites were a bit small. They gave it 85%, even though the review read like a good 93% or more! :(

Or what about Carrier Aces in issue... 34 was it? Far too harsh for what is an enjoyable action game.

So then, which Superplay scores did you disagree with? :P

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