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Burnout Revenge - It's Out There

Stroker Ace

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mixed opinions so far,

the new 'ram a load of pedestrian cars' event is crap, probably the least fun I've had in a burnout game so far, and Road Rage doesn't seem to be as much fun as the other cars don't really react to being rammed as much, so it feels more like you're just pushing them against a wall until they glitch into the scenery enough to set off a crash. And the crashes themselves don't seem as over the top, certainly none of the comedy 'fly off into the sky' crashes you got in B3.

that said, the few times I've managed to takedown an opponent with a civilian car it's been quite satisfying, so maybe it'll be a bigger part of it than it first seems.

The first couple of tracks are pretty shit also, 90% straight with not much going on.

On the upside the tracks you unlock after gaining a couple of ranks are fantastic, lots of good burnout 2 style powersliding corners, and massive jumps, and the core racing game is still solid.

Probably a grower than, but it doesn't match Burnout 3 for instant appeal, not yet.

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Just when you start to actually think that the games industry is realising that female gamers do actually make up an estimated 46% of gamers overall one of the huge publishers takes a hot iron and pokes it in the eyes of female gamers everywhere as it once again relies on the female form to sell a game that has little to do with it.

46%? Bullshit! Stupid website.

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i'm playing the demo like an idiot, and loving every minute of it. in my ill-informed and highly biased opinion it's the best Burnout game since the very first one. the previous two (especially #2) left me cold and playing them was nothing short of a chore.

but this one is so much more fun, knocking traffic around like tennisballs and causing chain reactions with opponents, traffic and you after you set off the crashbreaker is highly satisfying.

this might be the first full-price game i'll buy in god knows how many months.

*counts pennies. weeps into wallet*

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Yes, it's just Burnout 3.5. I don't think anyone could dispute that.

But it has the much, much better tracks and AI that doesn't just wait to be taken out. The improvements are few, but significant.

Besides, it's hardly a new thing - the football spods get their update of Madden Borefest Simulator every year, with minor tweaks and changes. Now, I can get something I like, tweaked and improved every year. Suits me.

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Does anyone with a modded XBox and a copy of Madden 2006 have a save they can upload for me? I need a Madden 2006 save to unlock the Madden truck, and none of the saves online are cutting it because I need someone's actual PROFILE not just the roster updates and such that are all over the net.

Use the XBox Save Manager to pull it off of your hard drive and get in touch. there'll be a fantastic Stan Lee-esque No-Prize for you, if you can.

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