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Make Atari 2600 Games Easily


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Has no one seen this yet?


It allows you to program Atari 2600 in BASIC, which the program then converts into assembly so that it will run on Atari 2600 emulators, and theoretically real machines.

Very easy to use. It's quite possible to knock together an Atari 2600 style in only a matter of hours or days. Depending on your ambitions.

It is quite limited, as you would expect. But surprisingly, quite good fun. A guy I know managed to put together a rather nifty space game in only 3 days.

I am currently trying to port Trampoline Gunmen using it. I probably won't finish, but I'm sure someone here would be interested by this.

So then, what can YOU do with only 4k?

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And I always wondered what the significance of Trampalien was. I had strange notions of down and out ET's when all this time its just a typo.

Heh. That's a LONG story. The game has had about a dozen different names. The Dreamcast game was/is called Trampalien Gunmen, due to my lazy assed programmer basing it off another DC game called aliens. He thought it was a humourous play on words, and so it stuck.

Back in 1999 I innitially called it "Tramampolining Gunmen", in reference to an episode of the Simpsons.

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