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They wanted me to send a photocopy of my card or fax a CC statement to them. Fuck that. I wasn't PayPal verified at the time, either and had reached my 'sending' limit so couldn't pay that way either... now I'm verified and they're out of stock for 7-14 days with an ETA of Jan 01 (Yeah, right) so I'll wait a while before I reorder.

Sorry if my post came across a bit more aggressive, it was just a catalogue of errors, but I got worried when they asked for that extra stuff (copies of card/statement) as I found it a bit suspect.

Ah, I see. They did that to me because I accidentally gave my work address instead of my home address as the address for my credit card. I emailed them and it was all sorted in a day or so.

But my copy of Quendan still hasn't turned up. :huh:

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Thats standard procedure when they cant get your card authorised, or teh CC company asks for verification.

Verification from me? I've never ever had a problem with anything CC related, hence my suspicion.

anewman... I'm sure yours will turn up dude... it was just showing 7-14 days to get it from the supplier (let alone posting it) the other day. No-one else seems to have had a problem so I'm sure you'll be fine.

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Mine was posted on 3 Nov.

I'm sorry. I'll stop going on about it now. I reckon it's got lost in the post or something.

Ah. Now that's a different story. My Battalion Wars failed to show up from DVDBO (8 weeks after posting, meh)... they've just refunded me and I presume YesAsia will cover you.

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Bojangle told me about this in World of Warcraft a few weeks ago. Watched a few videos and bought it on Ebay the next day. Absolutely loving it, it's the kind of handheld game I've been waiting for. :unsure:

And the learning curve's great too, I never once felt it was frustratingly hard as with Gitaroo Man, but I was still pushed to pass some levels, all the time never stopping having fun playing it. Onto 'Insane' mode now and it's great.

You do get some funny looks playing it at work without headphones on though...

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Been playing this on and off for the last day or so... and i think I've finally cracked it (well on easy at least) I'm completing songs on my first or second goes, not getting massivey frustrated... just loving it! I did get stuck on one song for a while, but I didn't mind, becuase everytime I retried it I did better and better. It's definately got that 'one more go' thing down to tee.

My biro/stylus combination seems to have made a world of difference as well!

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Whoo! My total score finally got past the 80,000,000 mark today :) I wish I knew what all the different 'ranks' you get actually ARE though.. I bet some are well funny, literally translated. Anyone able to help me out? ;)

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you mean you just dont have the gameplaying skills :(:D

Maybe. Not got particularly stuck on anything though, I just don't like being forced to repeat things over and over until you get it right. Even if it doesn't take that many goes.

Certainly not enjoying it though. I can see why patient people might like it and it's an OK game but I'm certainly getting rid of it.

Now to PM the first person that offered to buy it.

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After months of reading about how fantastic this is I decide to order my first ever import game.

Yup, it's utterly fantastic. It's hard to play without grinning like an idiot. Love the music and love the way it plays.

Can't get enough of the "Linda Linda" song and the one that plays on the Secretary level.

Seriously absorbing stuff and a really feel good game.

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Yep the torrent is around page 15. Got em thanks, and now seeding downloads.

It's curious that the first time I played Ouendan I dismissed most of the songs as average J-pop but after playing each level a few times the music really start to grow on you.

Finished easy level, and actually found the level with the cops vs robots a lot harder than Ready Steady Go. I'm sure my opinion will change once I reach it on normal.

Also the One Night Carnival song really threw me as I kept hearing the lyrics "Can you masterbate it, masterbate it?" on the lead up to the chorus. Am I alone in my madness?

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Nah, it's definitely "Can you masterbate it". That section even ends with the lyrics "ooh I've masterbated too long!"

What clinched it for me was the cartoon on that level. The violinist isn't sick, he's actually desperate to dissapear to the bog for a quick wank, but with the help of the Cheer Squad is able to resist.

The fight between the blue bugs and the caped guys is clearly a symbolic representation of his struggle between his pervsion and his duty.

See it's not me, it's clearly the developers who have a filthy mind.

Honest guv.

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After having played it for a couple of days. All I can say is wow. I was impressed with it at first, but it just seems to keep getting better.

I've just sat since 3:00pm until now playing it and it's one damn satisfying game. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a game this much, and I can't believe I'm not tired of any of the songs despite having heard them all so many times.

I actually cheered out loud on beating Ready Steady Go on normal mode. I can't remember the last single player game that made me do that.

Oh, and indeed get a new stylus, I found it impossible to do well with the standard stylus, especially the spinners. I made one out of a pop up pen, the nintendo stylus, cigarette filters and bit of sandpapering. It was a lot easier with a pen sized stylus.

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