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You A Garth Marenghi Fan?


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I can't wait.

In relation to the Mighty Boosh, I caught the episode where Howard and Vince get shipwrecked on a desert island. Probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. And I once saw Eamonn Holmes wolfing down some chips in Manchester.

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Cheers for the DVD news. I've had this on AVI for ages, but with all the extras it looks like the DVD's going to have then it NEEDS to be purchased.

There's quite a few people I work with who'll no doubt also be adding this to their collection.

"I think it's very sad that we had to pixelate the penis."

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Am I the only one who didn't like it much?

Well, maybe I'll have a Peep Show-style rethink when I see it again.

I thought it was shit when I saw a bit of it when it was first on. Then I thought I'd give it another watch from UKNova and thought it was brilliant, I'd give it another go if I was you.

Looking forward to Scotch mist on DVD.

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It was the best episode, man. The Scot-bashing was just so ill-informed and far-fetched to even mean anything offensive. It was hilarious B)

Yep. It was the best one.

Holness' second home is Edinburgh, pretty much. It was an affectionate jab, and could only be so perfectly ill-informed if well-informed, if you know what I mean.

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