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Omfg Oliver Frey Fans

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Has this been posted before? I did a quick search and found no mentions of it.

Anyhow, OMFG x1000. I have to have this book.

(small OMFG that Thalamus use the same logo, btw)

There's a few PDFs of some of the pages and they look sweet. Anyone know how to blag images from them?

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If I could draw to save my life, I'd probably spend about 90% of my waking hours drawing utter filth. The other 10% I'd probably spend wanking over said pictures.

Actually, looking at some of those pdfs (and some of the gay stuff I've just found online), you forget what a distinctive style he has. Great use of light and dark as well:


Does he work for any magazines still? He's kind of synonymous with the Zzzap/Crash/CVG era of magazines for me, but I can't think I've seen any of his stuff recently.

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He is a total master. I love his rough painterly style. It has an energy to it that few illustrators manage to achieve.

There's a bunch of Zzap and Crash cover archives on the net, but they're sad in a way. As the magazines get closer to finishing, the covers get more and more crowded and the images lose a lot of impact as a result.

The best covers he did were in 1986. The Knight Games one, the Green Beret one. Fucking ace.

I'm going to chop them up and make t-shirts.

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Right, after that 2 hour power cut I can now finish my reply.

Yes, energy is exactly the word I was groping for. Even though the pictures are (obviously) static, he manages to cram an amazing amount of vitality and movement into them.

Green Beret:


Actually, I'd like to see Edge do a retrospective on him. In many ways he was as much a part of my indoctrination into the world of gaming as the games were.

1986 though....shit me. That's nearly 2 decades ago. There's people posting on here now who weren't even born until 5 years after that Green Beret cover! Man I feel old.

Anyway, in the unlikely event that anyone other than Lasers and I are interested, you can find the zzap archive here:


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I'd not noticed the beret effect; too busy admiring the fantastic lighting between his right eye and his ear. Lovely stuff. I'm off to troll that archive for a while, and really OD on nostalgia I think.

Edit: nor had that image loaded. Wow. First time I've seen that one.

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The Oliver Frey cover that sticks in my mind is the one with the tips girl (Hannah something?) dressed in a swimsuit mud wrestling a green alien.

It's probably nowhere near as good as I remember it being, but when I was.... 11 years old or whatever game mag covers just didn't get better than that. Anything after was a bit of a letdown, Edge magazine swimsuit issue included.

Hadn't seen the black and white image style before, reminds me of Wrightson/Frazetta inked images. Nice one.

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My favourite Frey cover from a zexy point of view was the Dun Darach one, with a hot sorcerous chick in a metal bra :(

Hopefully some the art from the free posters you used to get occasionally will be in the book too as you dont see that so often as the crash/zapp covers.

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Is there anywhere you can read/print out the pages of The Terminal Man? (the comic strip which Frey did in the early issues of Crash)

Does anyone know if he ever finished the second "book"? The first 3 or 4 episodes ran but then the series stopped with the coming of "the lightgivers" as I recall...

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I remember in about 1987 when I was at school we had a paper recycling scheme and someone's Mum had brought in a huge pile of Crash mags. I found them and took the lot, reading them in the evening for weeks. It was great because I'd had a Speccy for years but having lived in France I'd only been able to get mags on visits to the UK. The covers were always inspiring. I think they definitely enhanced whichever game was depicted, even though you were moving a monochrome sprite about among the colourclashed picture cells.

Hmmm. Maybe I should return the favour and take all my Edge mags to a neary school.

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Amazon have this up for pre-order now:


Book Description

Oliver Frey is one of the most important artists working in the medium of commercial illustration. This lavish book documents his work between 1970 and today. The prime focus is on his staggering output in the 1980s and early 1990s when, as a director of magazine publisher Newsfield Ltd., he produced hundreds of magazine covers, software games inlays and incidental illustrations that set the video games market alight internationally. Frey’s early history reveals his work on some of Britain’s greatest comic institutions such as the Fleetway War Picture Library, Dan Dare in Eagle, and The Trigan Empire in Look & Learn, as well as his celebrated 1930s-style opening sequence for the film Superman, The Movie. The book also throws light on Frey’s techniques, from line-and-wash to the airbrush, and more recently his computer-generated work. While the paintings will be familiar to many magazine readers, few will have ever seen the originals as beautifully reproduced as this, and free of the commercial sales lines and slogans that cluttered them as magazine covers and posters.

Famous artwork reproduced as it has never been seen before.

Contents divided into topic-specific sections.

Commentary on the paintings by the artist.

Art techniques revealed and discussed.

The depth of field effects in that 3D cover for Crash was done with photography BTW.

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Well, i don't think my wife would be too pleased if tried i shagg her with one of those sanxion ships.

In fact, the two attackers in the Sanxion cover (shown above) are just variations on a Tie Fighter theme and last time i tried to make love with a Kenner model Tie Fighter, the wings fell off.


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To all Frey fans:

in the DEF Tribute to Zzap!64 (out now -check your local WHSmith or order it online -plug,plug)

I included a two page gallery of Oliver Frey's excellent pre-Newsfield art.

I'd say: check it out, and let me knwo what you think about it.

Sorry for being slow..but what is the DEF Tribute to Zzap 64?All I get from that link is the Imagine site.

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