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Well after 3 years a mate has finally found my Radiohead album/thingy in his sock drawer and gave it me back at the weekend.

So i've been listening to it and I like <_<

It's called Radiohead - 'work in progress 2000: experimentation in [electronic] music'

Mrs bought it off her Uni student market for us ages ago and it's mainly live/studio stuff. Some tracks I hadn't heard before either like manowar/bigboots, follow me around, I promise, nothing to fear etc. with some tracks repeated but in acoustic.

I liiiIIKe


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This social scene - Zero 7 (from the latest album The Garden)

Oh boy this girl has a fab voice, she is fantasctic live too - really launches herself about the place. Their new album is just wonderful.

From amazon

Since remixing Radiohead’s "Climbing The Walls" into a horizontal classic, ‘chill out’ champions Zero 7--Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns--have gone from strength to strength. This third album from the duo is highly anticipated to say the least. Will the duo stick with the floozy, fuzzy, lounge-heavy sound that has made them famous? Or will they make an Air-style u-turn into rock/harder electronica territory. The Garden does it all. Enlisting vocalists Sia and José Gonzalez (Henry has a go too), the document displays many links back to previous work--warm synths, French pop flair, subtle world music influences--but also showcases a keener sense of experimentalism and a more driven, assertive sound. The contrast between the sultry, folky Gonzalez (who supplies four tracks, including a reworking of his own great track "Crosses") and the more soulful, upbeat Sia (who supplies three) introduces an interesting dynamic and help Zero 7 achieve what is ultimately a more mature and interesting direction. --Paul Sullivan


Third album from Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns follows 2004's 'When It Falls'. Continuing to build on their established sonic blueprint, this album incorporates some more organic elements, such as acoustic guitar, into their chilled and downtempo sound. As well as their longterm vocal collaborator Sia Furler, it also features indie-folk superstar Jose Gonzalez, who lends his voice to the single 'Futures' and a uniqueversion of his own 'Crosses'.

This is definately my fave album of the year ;)

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Random Happy Hardcore tunes by people I've never heard of ("DJ Fritzy"? Who?). Y'see, I'm all for a bit of fast-paced beats, and I can occasionally tolerate the odd lovey-dovey saccharine dance track, but I've always been scared off by HH. So I randomly picked out a few artists and had a listen, and it sounds like lovey-dovey saccharine dance music...but with fast paced beats. :huh: Not sure what to make of it all.

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