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1446. Yasushi Kaminishi - [Mars Matrix] Armed Sattelite Phobos [3:53]


Some radio chat... anybody else listen to Bobby Friction and Nihal? Training on a Wednesday night, I get to listen to their show on the way home. Some really, really good music on there last week, following on from some high quality stuff from previous weeks. Nice change, I even went and got some, er, Asian music after hearing it on their show :)

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'Mouthful of Love' by Young Heart Attack - full-on maximumrocknroll. One of the best live bands i've seen in the last couple of years too. Now criminally unsigned (sound of last threads of faith in humanity snapping)...

Unsigned? Boo. That album is ace, I rarely think to put it on, but when it is I wonder why I didn't.

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cream anthems 2001

the rasmus - the one i love

another chance - roger sanchez

the charlatans - the only one i know

class tune!!

coldplay - square one

funeral for a friend - bullet theory

funeral for a friend - rookie of the year

Garbage - metal heart

muse - time is running out

papa roach - scars

paul van dyke - the other side

the prodigy - smack my bitch up

supafly inc Vs jupiter ace - lets get down in a 1000 years

(another ropey mix of mine)

the only ones - another girl, another planet

i thrive on abuse :)

anyhoo - White Zombie,Rob - The Matrix - Dragula

its working

and stereophonics - brother (excellent new album indeed)

still the phonics... - i wouldnt believe your radio


still the phonics here - "superman"...truly shexy dark song!!

a bit of maroon 5 now i think - must get out

martin grech - open heart zoo

makes me wanna put on a floaty dress and twirl around this office in bare feet

good job im not then ;)

matrix theme - moby

D:\My Music\tunes\M\Morjac Feat. Raz Conway - Stars .mp3

abit poppy but catchy and a little dancey..could do with upping the tempo slightly me thinks

NWA - id rather fuck you

Darude - Sandstorm

D:\My Music\tunes\D\darude\darude - feel the beat (soundfreak remix).mp3

superb track!

Less posts please. New rules:

At least 3 people must post after telling us what you have on before you can post again.

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