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Best Piece Of Commentary Ever?

Graham S

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Originally, I stuck this in the thread about the Trafalgar celebrations, but I feared that nobody would see it, so I thought I'd give it a thread of its own.

Tonight I managed to find an mp3 of the famous BBC radio commentary in 1937 at Spithead, for the Coronation Fleet Review, where Lt Cdr Woodrooffe had had a few drinks too many before taking the microphone.

The Fleet's lit up (mp3)

It's brilliant. Please download it.

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This isn't the complete transcript - there's a lot more mumbling about fairy lamps but this is the gist of it:

"At the present moment, the whole fleet is lit up. When I say 'lit up' I mean lit up by fairy lamps. It's fantastic. It isn't a fleet at all. It's just... It's fairyland. The whole fleet is in fairyland. Now, if you'll follow me through... if you don't mind... the next few moments you'll find the fleet doing odd things."

Here Woodroofe paused for several seconds. "I'm sorry. I was telling some people to shut up talking."

At this moment, the fleet's lights were extinguished in preparation for the fireworks display.

"It's gone! It's gone! There's no fleet! It's... It's disappeared! No magician who ever could have waved his hand could have waved it with more acumen than he has now at the present moment. The fleet's gone. It's disappeared!

"I was talking to you in the middle of this damn... (coughs) in the middle of this fleet and what's happened is the fleet's gone and disappeared and gone!"

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