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Jesus is so frustrating as he's clearly vital to our attacking cohesion and pattern of play and is a massive upgrade for the team over Lacazette, Aubamyang and Nketiah in that sense.


It's just that finishing which has always been his issue. Then again if he could finish City wouldn't have let him go and we wouldn't have got him when we did, a clinical Jesus would be a £100m player. 


Great performance though, nice to thoroughly deserve these wins and not sit back and be spawny against the xG. We took it to them and they looked like Arsenal under Emery, messing around passing out at the back, losing it, that sad early Arteta 'horseshoe of shame' passing going nowhere. 

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He's clearly got the talent but I think he's suffered from a lack of confidence and application. It does sound like the penny had dropped though and he's supposed to be showing in training he's determined to make a go of it. I do wonder if he's a bit like Eddie in that he's seen the options available should he leave this summer and thought that maybe being at Arsenal might actually be quite good after all. He's pretty much exactly what we're trying to shop for too. 

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We’re winning all sorts of ways which is so good to see. During the dark old days we’d have panicked and started heaving aimless crosses into the box until the clock ran down. It’ll be interesting to see what happens after the break too as we do look gassed, but also you can see where we could tweak the squad and add something extra. I’m not sure you could say that with City. Exciting times! 

See you all next year.

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