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All will be forgiven the exact moment he’s available to play again. It’s mystifying. There must be literally hundreds of footballers available that can lumber around midfield and pick up a booking every week. Why we’ve decided he’s the only person fit for that job is beyond me.

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28 minutes ago, Art Vandelay said:

Absolutely brilliant result under the circumstances. Should be suitably shagged out for the weekend mind you, but worry about that then I guess.

Hopefully we can at just take some confidence from the result into the nld. Would have been grim if we had got mullered again. 

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Xhaka cannot get straight back into the team after this latest one surely? We are down to one senior (22 year old) midfielder and an 18 year old rookie for the next two games, with Odergaard and Smith Rowe out, we can't even move one of them into midfield.


We just need to sit back on Sunday and play for a draw against Spurs. 

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Isn’t “we played the game we had to play” him saying you parked the bus because with 10 men against Liverpool it would be suicide to try and play how Arteta would naturally want you to.


Its analysis of the game not a dig at some bullshit conspiracy.

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