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1 hour ago, Gotters said:

so my prediction is we become the first team to go out on away goals over 2 legs having not conceded or even played a game at the Emirates.


it's the Arsenal kind of thing to do. 

this is going to happen

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Such a typical maddening game last night, only surprise is we went thru and didn't gift it to them.


I've seen enough of Cebellos now to really hope we don't waste money on him, not sure if he's a real talent who can't be arsed most of the time or he simply isn't as good as he thinks - whichever it is we've had a good 2y look at him now and that's enough to not make a mistake buying him.


At the moment Saka is looking too good for us, such positional flexibility and impact wherever you play him is rare. Know he's tied down to a good deal and I suspect only the poor state of finances at clubs like Real & Barca will stop those rumours happening. 



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1 minute ago, Silent Runner said:

A Luiz goal off a Willian assist? One of the signs of the apocalypse surely. 


followed by us taking the lead after trailing in the first half away from home


expect the four horseman to appear shortly

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We can change all the coaches, all the defenders, all the goalies, even the owners, but it seems the Arsenal way now is one of defensive calamity - its engrained in the club

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Fingers crossed Xhaka is off in the summer after that calamity. I’ve honestly lost count of how many points he’s cost us over the years.

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