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13 minutes ago, The Fox said:

Outside the box it should be a red for DOCGSO, no?


there was a covering defender and he was a long way out and to one side (not up the middle), a red for that would have been daft, not as daft as Luiz's but not the sort of thing I'd want to see given

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this is a a low effort, minimum viable product, perfunctory attempt at chasing the early goal being let in.


nobody is really going to put themselves out that much, doesn't really matter if we lose, its all just going through the motions.

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These mental formations Arteta switches to when we need a result don’t help. Holding starting moves, Bellerin in centre mid, Xhaka centre half, Pepe wing back, Saka left back maybe? We were doing alright when we kept it simple during that run but the second we over complicate it all falls apart.  

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1 hour ago, Silent Runner said:

Yep. This is going to be one of those nothing shifts like one of those from the middle of that losing streak.


Absolutely hate Saturday lunch time kick-offs, ruin your weekend before it’s even started.

I know Klopp generated plenty of mirth here when he was going on his little crusade against kick-off times, but early Saturday kick-offs are generally terrible for players. Not saying you would've actually played well on any level, mind, but it certainly won't help performances.

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22 minutes ago, Art Vandelay said:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but Willian will cost Arteta his job. Sticking by a busted flush who the fan base hates because he’s your man will completely evaporate any good will he has. Think he’ll run out of road before he makes any serious progress.

Agree and said it myself. I hoped arteta had learnt his lesson but he still brings him on everytime. One of the worst players i have ever seen, we would be better off with 10men.

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On 02/02/2021 at 19:49, dizogg said:

That 1st red card decision is fucking awful. Like fucking atrocious, I’d be livid if it was called against my team. Why can’t any of the refereeing team, the VAR guys... why can’t one of them say WAIT, WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING HERE? It’s the failure to recognise honest mistakes, instead they double down on it. Fuck knows why.

This you? 


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Performance very reminiscent of our poor run when we dominated but couldn’t score. No idea why Pepe is started ahead of Martinelli. Pepe reminds me of Gervinho, all step overs and dribbling but no end product. At least Odegaard looks like he can thread a through ball.

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As ridiculous as it might be I'm getting more and more convinced that there is something in Willian's contract which says he has to play in x amount of games, or at least a part of every game when fit or something stupid like that.

If Martinelli and Pepe start against Benfica with Willian on the bench I might understand yesterday's substitution a little bit more but the chances are and I wouldn't be too shocked if Willian starts against Benfica. 

I hope Arteta doesn't persist with this into next season and this whole Willian thing is cut short in the summer. There must be a team in China or America that will take him for free and pay him stupid wages. That said, he probably wouldn't go as he wants to stay in London apparently, his restaurant with Luiz and all that nonsense.

Maybe Fulham, Palace or QPR can save us and take him?

I don't recall a player who offers us absolutely nothing like Willian does. Of course we've had a few dodgy wingers in the past, Glen Helder or even Gervinho for example but at least they would try but just play shit and frustrate the hell out of the fans. Willian doesn't even do that.


I'm also getting more and more convinced that we are going to offer Luiz a new deal when this one runs out.

I must admit I do like his after match interviews and the things he says but if he's so good in the dressing room, around the team and has a positive influence on the youngsters then keep him as a coach or cheerleader or something. Not sure about him in the first 11 though.


Anyway, apart from these strange things, didn't intend to be all negativity just got carried away, it was a good performance and result yesterday.

Good to see Auba looking like himself and how good is Saka. Was a constant menace. Our player of the season so far for sure. 

All without Partey & Tierney too. 


Tough run of games coming up, all the way up to the Liverpool game in April.

Will be interesting to see how well/bad we do in this run.

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