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I think the shame with AMN is that he's probably not quite good enough for where we want to ultimately be as a team, plus he wants to play as a winger, which means he needs to get past the club record signing. He appears more a decent squad utility player than starting winger.


Only surprise is it's not West Ham or Everton we're selling to, if the Wolves story is to be believed.

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Don't care if it's only the Charity Shield, blah blah, I'm pleased with that. I think Arsenal really faded towards the end and rode their luck but the players look world's away from where they were under Emery. Wouldn't mind keeping Maitland-Niles and I know Arteta is a fan of his.

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all the write ups for both Saliba and Gabriel indicate we've picked up 2 of the best young prospects in France that many other teams around Europe were after.


hopefully they can form a partnership that looks slightly more watertight than the comedy defensive stylings seen previously from whomever we pick at CB - we've changed all the personal, the keeper and several managers and the comedy defending has always remained, its almost the Arsenal way now.

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15 minutes ago, Gotters said:


yeah me too, the Season ticket holiday looks like an option, people that share season tickets are fucked as they now require ID for anyone over 14. OK when you could transfer ticekts to a friend, but I am guessing they aren't going to let you transfer your ballot winning seat to a friend.

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What would be your fairly realistic transfers in and out for the remainder of this window.

Got to try and raise money if you want to go mad though. Let's try and make it a little bit realistic at least.















I would like to keep Martinez. Not sure if that will be possible though as he's shown he can be a number 1 somewhere.

I would just about keep Kolasinac and Chambers. I would keep Holding too. 

That said, I would be open to any interesting offers for all of these.

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I'd get shot of Kolasinac and Chambers to be honest. Neither are bad players, but probably desirable to someone and we've seen enough now to know they're not taking us to the next level. Lacazette would be top of my list to generate some cash. He's seriously on the wane now, but would command an OK figure if he moved. The rest of that list are definitely available though, and I'd imagine there will be more loans than we'd like. 


Incoming, God knows. If someone like Nelson or Willock has a breakthrough season like Saka did maybe our midfield isn't looking quite so stodgy. If we get just one person in who can beat a man and play a dangerous pass we'd look far better than we do now.

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I cant see Kolasinac moving on till the end of his contract, much like Ozil, unfortunately, his wages are pretty high for his position in the squad. I'd like to keep hold of Bellerin, Maitland-Niles and Lacazette but those three are probably the three that will generate the kind of money Arsenal need to add more quality to the squad.

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I suppose the circumstances to him signing a new deal are different from when Ozil did. That was just a massive face-saving exercise in the end after the Sanchez debacle. Aubameyang has the assets to change his game if his legs fade, and he's already adapted a few times in his career. Ozil was a glorious player, but the circumstances needed to be just right for him and the game shifted away from how he plays. He never struck me as someone with either the raw physical capabilities or mindset to become anything other than Rolls Royce gliding about the centre circle when the reality was we could have had an Austin Allegro if it bothered to track back.


Anyway, I've done the classic Arsenal message board comments section faux-pas of getting some good news and banging on about Mesut bloody Ozil. 


Arseblog made a good point today in that we've spent about £80m on centre halves in the last 12 months but have no-one we're confident to play there this weekend. How do we manage it.

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I don't get the same vibes off Auba as Ozil - latter day Ozil always appeared a reluctant footballer and I think he fell into the situation with Arsenal as you say @Art Vandelay due to the Sanchez situation, he had huge leverage and his people, quite rightly as they are paid to rep him, screwed the club to the mast over negotiations. I just don't think he wanted the pressure or aggro any more after the Germany situation but found himself painted as the top paid saviour of a club clearly in decline. A role he could never deliver on. 


This was then all compounded by him appearing to give up a bit and have a Ryan Giggs playing for Wales approach to away games.


Be best for all concerned when he's gone.



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