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2 minutes ago, suzzopher said:

Maitland-Niles has been fantastic and Tierney is getting better and better.


Ceballos has been the best player on the pitch though. 

There's been some really good exchanges between Tierney and Pepe

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Fantastic win!


I was feeling like this was karma for all the big games where we've been on the wrong end of referring decisions, had key players injured or played well for parts of the game only to be beaten by the opposing team. Then I realised we finally have a coach who can manage games and get the best out of players and this was a thoroughly deserved win!


I really hope this means Arteta can bring in the players he needs this summer (and not just a bunch of of Kia Joorabchian's clients).

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He certainly didn't appear to be showing signs of deterioration at Chelsea last year, so from a playing perspective probably has another couple of years in the tank.


It's just the amount of money its taking to get him that dampens the enthusiasm somewhat, but I guess if you're going to focus on bringing through your own youngsters you need to supplement that with some experience and old pro's with a cupboard full of medals to show how it should be done.


At least in a year's time we'll be shot of Ozil and rid of his stupid contract - though a fat pay rise for Auba and the Willian signing eats all that up, but at least they will be playing football every week and not back home on Fortnite with a fake injury.

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I was a bit undecided about Willian at first but I think cast off is a bit harsh as Lampard definitely wanted to keep him, he's showing no signs of slowing down, doesn't need a bedding in period, bags of experience and surely you can get another two good years out of him, if not the whole three years.

As he hasn't shown any sign of slowing down 32 years of age shouldn't really be a reason to avoid signing him. The only little issue I have is if signing a 32 year old limits the game time of say a Saka, Martinelli or even Pepe.


Sure I read somewhere that Arteta intends to play Willian in a more central position behind the strikers rather than as a winger.

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I think it's frustrating as we've got him from a club who are approaching their squad rebuild in a much more exciting way. Trying to get some old hands in on mega money to limp us over the line back into the big leagues hasn't come close to working yet and has caused us almost nothing but problems. We just end up with unsellable assets and players who are visibly fading away. For all that's said about bringing the young lads through, Saka aside they all seem fairly available should the right offer be made. I don't see a grand plan where they're the backbone of the team.

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We definitely needed midfield creativity and I'm sure Willian will be fine over the next year or two, but it's really depressing that we are now this short term agent driven club when it comes to signings. There seems to be zero forethought and my guess is it will stay this way for a while.


Just comparing us to Leicester, who I'm guessing have less pull and money than us, they managed to buy both Maddison and Tielemans in the past few years. These seem like exactly the profile of players we should be getting into our midfield.


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Fixtures are out. End of September through to the start of November is a horrorshow. Run-in looks OK though.





12: Fulham (a)

19: West Ham (h)

26: Liverpool (a)



3: Sheffield United (h)

17: Manchester City (a)

24: Leicester (h)

31: Manchester United (a)



7: Aston Villa (h)

21: Leeds United (a)

28: Wolves (h)



5: Tottenham (a)

12: Burnley (h)

15: Southampton (h)

19: Everton (a)

26: Chelsea (h)

28: Brighton (a)



2: West Brom (a)

12: Crystal Palace (h)

16: Newcastle (h)

27: Southampton (a)

30: Manchester United (h)



3: Wolves (a)

6: Aston Villa (a)

13: Leeds (h)

20: Manchester City (h)

27: Leicester City (a)



6: Burnley (a)

13: Tottenham (h)

20: West Ham (a)



3: Liverpool (h)

10: Sheffield United (h)

17: Fulham (h)

24: Everton (h)



1: Newcastle (a)

8: West Brom (h)

12: Chelsea (a)

15: Crystal Palace (a)

23: Brighton (h)



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