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3 hours ago, petrolgirls said:

Christ, Sanchez is not at the races today.


There is no way on earth that he's fit.  He was still better than The Ox though who was shocking.  


On to the match, I thought we were good value for the win today.  We deserved it despite some dog shit officiating by the ref and his two clowns who were running the line.

15 minutes ago, hungry joe said:

Not a bad first ever trip to the Emirates :)


The atmosphere isn't usually like it was today which is a shame.  Today it was electric from the first minute. 

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11 hours ago, Pavey said:

Here was my view, glad to see you weren't one of the few who left at 90 minutes Steve ;)



Sanchez just didn't have that turn of pace today to beat anybody, definitely not match fit. 


I don't understand those who left 6-7 mins before the end.  For such a colossally important match (and an exciting one at that!) which kicked off so early, what was so urgent that these people had to dash off while there was still a chance of 3 possible results?


I can almost understand leaving a few minutes early if we were a few goals up (or down), but you don't walk out at that stage!  If they were more worried about getting to the pub before everyone else or getting a head start on everyone else going home then they had all afternoon to get where they needed to go or to get a drink.  Morons!

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Couldn't agree more Steve. Arguably the most important game of the season and people leaving at a crucial time. Muppets. Imagine the Man Utd's fans' reactions of 1999, getting home to find out they'd actually won the European Cup.

I was there with a mate from LA. His face was a picture when we scored with the last kick of the game, Brilliant day.

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Yeah it seemed like loads of people left early. So weird.


Main plus points from yesterday for me were Giroud, who I thought was superb, and Chambers putting in a very assured showing at centre back. Hopefully Theo's goal will do his confidence some good, and obviously it's great to have Welbeck back. And it was great to see Wenger being brave with his subs after too much conservatism recently. Ending the game with a Ramsey-Ozil midfield pivot is pretty ballsy, even if it was against ten men.


Not so good were Ozil, who was pretty quiet and a bit sloppy in possession at times (great free kick though obvs), Ox, and Alexis. I think with him it's fitness, as has been mentioned, but I think there were a couple of other factors at play. Firstly he typically doesn't excel with Giroud at centre forward; nearly all his best performances have come with Welbeck or Theo up front, to drag players out of the way with their runs and open up space for him to exploit. Secondly Leicester play very compact and very narrow. Because Alexis is pretty one-dimensional (rarely runs in behind or goes outside the defender, just cuts inside all the time), he was just running into very congested areas.


Realistically I can't see us dropping Giroud right now. Without Cazorla in the middle we're basically bypassing midfield build up and playing very direct, which obviously makes Giroud very useful. When Santi is back we may revert back to the earlier setup with Ramsey on the right and one of the more mobile players up top. If that happens hopefully we'll see more from Alexis.

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15 hours ago, anders limpar said:

Lads I think we might win the league. 


Still maintain we're not really playing well enough, but we have much better options off the bench now so it's not impossible for us to turn it around.


I think we have a great chance if we're within 4 points of the top going into April. Our final seven games are easier than anyone else's on paper, we'll almost certainly be out of Europe by then, and we have a real chance to put a string of wins together in the home stretch.


Before that, I think we need to be taking at least a point at Old Trafford. I'd bite your hand off for a point at WHL, and Everton away will be a huge game too. Helpfully it's at 12.45 on a Saturday, when we'll have had Barcelona away on the previous Wednesday evening. Three points at Goodison in those circumstances would be absolutely massive.



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