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And The Ds Just Keeps Getting Better..


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Ikaruga influence? I don't know what you're looking at!

i thought it resembled Ikaruga in minor touches too, the bullet sprays follow similar patterns and the way the ship moves from behind camera into the screen is similar too. that can be said for a whole lot of shmups though, so i guess it's more like Ikaruga's omnipresence that makes it a likely point of reference.

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Eek, I have just found it cheaper by 45p at DVDBO:


Haven't used them for ages, so I don't know if they're still as slow as they used to be.

I've switched back to DVDBO from VG+ and if you pre-order, you'll usually get it the following Thursday (9 days later roughly). Couple of days later than VG+ but usually £4-5 cheaper (after postage etc.).

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