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Glastonbury Then, Oh Dear...

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Guest Daylight

Thoes toilets remond me of '98 (overflowing with ??!!##??). Pissed down from the time I crossed the 7bridge Friday, till left like a drowned rat on Sunday. That mud will be a killer :)

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Does anybody find it all a bit too... business like, though? I dunno why, but it being so slick and po-faced really gets on my nerves. I can't watch this in longer bouts than 10 minutes.

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You're getting old, Mr. Keeper.

No i'm not! ( well, yes I am ^_^ )

I like music thats actually got a definable tune to it. Which new music seems to lack. I'm loving that new Duo, "Nizlopi" who do the JCB song,

and of course, I'm a Big Ben Folds fan too.

and I like a lot of almost famous bands. Longpigs.. Aqualung.. and David Devant for example. But old or not.. this new music is pretty shocking.

I mean.. FFS Babyshambles have just come on.. and they sound Terrible

( well Doherty does )

and here come the Zutons.. the epitome of pants. you only have to look at the bored crowd shots to be fair.

The Doves are nice enough, but there's something holding back their music from being amazing.

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Aqualung are the most generic band/person/whatever ever. I don't mind BFF, but not the biggest fan. There's always Radio 2 with its inoffensive generic genericness for you.

And saying you like music that "has a tune" that modern music lacks makes you sound like the oldest fart ever. Seriously. Lots of modern bands have "a tune" whereas others like to go a bit all over the place. I mean, it'd be a bit dull if all music followed the same rules, 'cause different people like different things.

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Good for 2 people, certainly.  But they would be better off in the back room of a pub.

what an odd thing to say wouldnt ANY band be better off in the back room of a pub.

I wish I had seen the stripes when they were playing such venues

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I saw em at glasto in 2002 imagine the whole shouldnt workness of this plus nobody knowing who the fuck they were.

absolute magic:)

and meg is a shit drummer obviously but again it just works

goaty stop editing your posts after IVe replied it makes me look silly

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