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Recommend Me Some Snes Titles


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Seiken Densetsu 3 is the title, it was mentioned already ;) and it is amazing. Cant believe it actually has a day to night cycle (fun with th lycanthrope character ;) )

Oh and FF6 pwns 5 all over the shop. But five is still cool :o

I love them both, but I've always preferred FFV - I'm a sucker for the more traditional fantasy bumpf!

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I did it, eventually :) i liked how the last boss had extra 'bits' because of it, though the final ending was a bit of a let down (then again, I dont think I've ever been happy at a game's ending, bar maybe FF6. BEST ENDING EVER)

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Holy cockmobiles, there was a sequel to Solstice? Even as a kid who didn't really know what the fuck was going on, I absolutely adored Solstice... Time to get downloading!

Aye Solstice 2: Equinox - bloody brilliant it was too. 3D isometric jobby, get it, play it, love it...


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Get StarFox/Starwing. Fantastic game, and you actually get to fly in your airwing, unlike the Gamecube StarFox Assault that I just got really cheap and was extremely dissapointed with due to its boring chuck-you-onto-the-ground-and-make-you-run-around-blasting-hundreds-of-enemies-that-all-look-the-same gameplay. :)

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TBH, I don't really think Star Fox/Starwing is still a good game, really.  It's aged a lot more than all those 2D classics on the system.  No analogue control + jerky framerate = irritation during gameplay.

But... It's fantastic! :)

The framerate really isn't as bad as it should have been, given the hardware. I still find it perfectly playable today, though I'd probably avoid the PAL conversion if at all possible. The missing analogue control? Annoying these days, I suppose, I'll give you that one, but the game was designed without it in mind and it really doesn't damage it too badly.

There's just so much magic going on that it's hard not to forgive it its faults. The multiple routes, the characters, the memorable boss battles, the 'speech!' The graphics have aged, obviously, but the stylised nature (whether deliberate or as a result of the low poly-count) and wonderful/unusual use of colour holds it all together beautifully.

In short: I still reckon it's ACES. B)*

*Maybe we need a smiley with rose-tinted shades?

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