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The Revolutions Backwards Compatibility


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Just recently got hold of my USB PS pad adaptor for my PC again, and have been going through my bi monthly retro frenzy. This time I'm playing Secret of Mana 2 (actually gonna try complete it this time :) ) and Yoshis Island; but something got me thinking.

Yoshis Island looks awesome in hi-res with anti-aliasing. Mario Kart with AA'd mode7 is sweet :(

I realise this is probably (very) wishful thinking, but do you think we are going to be lucky with Nintendo's new machine, as in have nice posh emulators that will have the graphics filters/etc that the PC emulators have?

Of course Nintendo have never delivered this sort of thing before, as I was hoping with the Zelda bonus disk, but surely its about time we got to play old N64 games in hi-res with a smoother framerate? I know the PC emulators arent prefect, but arent Ninty in a position to be able to make a capable emulator? especially on a machine more powerful than the gamecube.

I'm not getting my hopes up too high - but is it really too much to wish for?

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From what I heard, they will try to update the graphics like they did on Super Mario All-Stars, so Super NES and NES games (probably Nintendo ones) will look "updated", although 3D games such as the ones on the N64 will just look sharper.

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I cant see them doing it, waste of time and people like yourself wont be happy. Like i said, i think it'll just be fancy filters to make them look sharper or softer like on zsnes.

Good, well that's what I want :)

I just *really* hope the N64 games are hi-res/smoother fps, god, goldeneye in, what, 3 times the resolution with 60fps? mmm

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idle speculation follows...

i can't really see them offering 'options' such as filters etc as they always seem to be aiming for a simple approach to gaming, where technical things are hidden away in the background. if they were to put filters on, i imagine they would choose the ones they feel are best and have them on with no option to turn it off, which wouldn't please everyone anyway... so i reckon that (for games where they don't change the graphics) there will either be no filters or very subtle ones.

btw i always felt the anti aliasing was only needed on monitors as i felt the games looked a lot sharper than i remember them on my tv.

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Well the GBA has a wide range of backgrounds and filters and ssbm has an anti flicker filter too. I can see them offering it as theres nothing technical about it.

If you run mario through zsnes with one of the filters on it blurs the hardsh edges of the graphics and makes some look really really nice.

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Personally I prefer to play my classics in all their pixelated glory.

Although higher framerates and sharper images on 3D games are a good thing. Especially as the N64 makes my eyes bleed these days with it's low framerates.

See? It's all about having the choice! And to be fair all ninty have to do is put a Dashboard-style setting to 'funk up' the gfx or not. Simple! All we need is for them to just make a good emulator (or 5)

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To be honest I cant see why if they create a N64 emulator that can play in higher resolution/framerates, why in a sense the slowdown should be eliminated from the 2D stuff too.

Though every SNES/Genesis/etc emulator I've used, even when its emulated 'perfectly', it 'perfectly' emulates the slowdown too..

But slwodown CAN be good, I mean, it was the only way I could've probably finished Super RType, back in the day :(

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