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cheap wine is going to be cheap wine no matter how long you let it breathe.

plus all of threshers wines are on buy 2 get the 3rd free so there is no excuse

The kitten speaks the truth I bought a bottle of Rioja, Dry Riesling and a nice Rose that I scoffed yesterday!

its wine weather people let the quaffing commence!!

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MMmmm I love Rose. Anything you would recomend?

I currently preferr Rene Barbier Rosado.

Yes I've only recently discovered rose (was a stout red or white man before then).

Ive tried a few different brands and by far and wide my favourite so far is an Errnest and Juilo Gallo 'White Zinfandel' (incidently I cant stand either their Reds or their Whites).

Its a tad sweeter than the others i've sampled. Ill have to try that one youve mentioned (I love excuses to drink MORE wine)

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