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A Few Dreamcast Questions

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I never knew that about the PC version of Sega Rally 2 being ported to the Dreamcast. Sega Rally 2 had no real online functions for the PAL release so why else was Windows CE used?

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Windows CE allowed for EASY ports from pc versions of the game. A number of games used it such as worms world party. It just meant the game could be ported over in record time. I think they managed to get a running pc port of sega rally 2 up and running within something like 2 weeks. Theres also the quake 'demo' which you can download. An australian developer ported over the pc version of quake in something like 1 week thanks to windows CE on the dreamcast with not a bug in sight.

Im pretty sure windows CE did bog the dreamcast down a bit, basically becaus of the way it could be used it meant that X% of the dreamcast power was lost, probably because you couldnt write directly to the DC instead passing it through windows CE and lossing out on some DC specific things. We need DCM to clarifiy this!

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