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On 24/08/2022 at 15:08, Davros sock drawer said:

Hope it's better than the last one! Only AM album I couldn't get into.

I think this latest leans even more into the Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino sound, so maybe you won't enjoy this either?


There's a Jools Holland special with them on iPlayer at the moment.

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I absolutely love The Car. I think it's really really funny that they made a fairly pretentious album about a Hotel in space and then followed it up with an album that's basically all about pretentiousness and that if anything is more slow and difficult and loungey than TBH&C. What a band, to come from an era of music where basically all of their contemporaries are touring the four songs that hit from their 2006 landfill indie album and just keep building their sound from album to album getting more adventurous and interesting is such a win. I think Body Paint, which takes a Humbug song and drags it through pretty much everything else they've done since, might be their best song ever. 



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Body Paint is an absolute highlight of a remarkable album. I can’t find it on YouTube but the performance they did of it on Later recently was astonishing. 

I didn’t mind them before but I’d always thought Alex Turner was pretentious, but now they are producing music to back up the posturing. I’m a big fan since Tranquility Base and would rate them as one of the best bands in the world right now. 

This is the whole show on iplayer, mainly stuff from the new album but they throw in a couple of older songs as well. 

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