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Nintendo Versus Everyone: The Business Of Business


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precisely, and the more consoles in people's homes, the more software sold.

See, I knew you'd come around eventually. It's the profit that matters, as I said

The only way of measuring a console's success with numbers is by the profit that the machine has generated for the creator. This is from hardware, 1st party software, 2nd & 3rd party licencing, accessories, etc.

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PS4 sales = 1,000,000, tie ratio = 1 .'. total games sold = 1,000,000

Xbox 1080 sales = 500,000, tie ratio = 2.2 .'. total games sold = 1,100,000


Can't argue with science.

or :-

PS sales 1 million, tie ratio 1. games sold 1million

xbox 500,000 tie ratio 1. games sold 500,000.

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