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I love Röyksopp; their sonic detail, quirks & unique harmonic approach means even the catchiest tracks sound uniquely 'them' and have layers of interest. It's not crazy music, but it is lovely when I need more of a pop fix. After a while, Melody A.M and Junior have emerged as favourites, along with the Do It Again E.P they released with Robyn in 2014. A song like Happy Up Here sums up what makes them so special for me; really warm sounding, full of detail, a total ear worm, easily likable for almost anyone - but with some surprising choices in the sound and harmony department. Or on the other end, Monument (the E.P version) sums up how cool and atmospheric they can get. Their music somehow 'sounds' Norwegian' to me too. 😄 It's just a personal preference thing, but I found The Inevitable End a bit heavy and less interesting musically; I usually like 'darker' music, but did miss the more unusual chordal choices that some of their other music, especially Junior, had. It's a bit more portentous and straight ahead...(Sordid Affair is a delicate and amazing song, though. One of their best.)

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On 14/01/2022 at 12:14, nakamura said:

I loved their first two albums but fell away after that. Picked up Junior and it grew on me. I should really check them out again. 


On 14/01/2022 at 13:32, T Pot said:


That's my favourite album by them. Really enjoy it. I didn't get on with Senior after it though.


Oh my gosh I loved both these albums so much and had completely forgotten about them, will be giving those and the live album a damn good listening to. 

I think the first track on the Lost Tapes is one that they opened with when an ex and I went to see them in Bristol and we never could find it afterwards. 

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3 hours ago, superfunk said:

I am very disappointed in Royksopp. The lyric of the new song released today contains the phrase “reach out”, ie “contact”.


They are dead to me now. 


As long as their next song doesn't talk about Circling back round to touch base, they can be forgiven. 

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