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*official* Big Brother 2005 Thread


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Yes it does, but not the way the Americnas use it.

Yeah, but American's seem to be even thicker than usualy when it comes to using common phrases correctly.

Just take "I could care less" as another example of their immense stupidity.

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When big brother told them they were all up for eviction, Makosi goes "If it's a tie, Two might go out" meaning when they face the public vote.

Then maxwell is like "HUH It's not gonna be a TIE is it?"

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Dunno, BB confirmed they'd had 2 fails (I'm guessing out of 3), but does it carry on tomorrow (today)?


Lucky you...

I was watching the highlights show and the commentator was saying the housemates are allowed 2 fails per day IIRC.

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Sam is lovely :unsure:

Why was she all alone at the end. Why don't people like her... :D

If she didn't have such a narcsissistic side to her personality she could well be quite fun to be around. However she's also pretty selfish at times (note her inability to complete her part in Tuesday's task). Also she just can't seem to deal with criticism in any other way than mouthing off at the other housemates defensively in response. And her tendancy to use the diary room as nothing but a method of venting her frustration towards those housemates she dislikes without their knowledge is pretty off putting.

On the other hand, she is a total nymphomaniac, so her less desirable personality traits can easily be forgiven. :lol:

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Girls piss in groups. They're wierd. More disturbing is the fact the producers decided the public needed to see that. I REALLY DIDN'T NEED TOO SEE THAT!

Its only the daft arse loud mouth ones that do that. I would never have any desire to see any of my friends pee, a friend did do it once though, I was all like :unsure:

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What was funniest, was that she did so whilst going on about codliver oil being rank and disgusting.

Christ, it's not particularly pleasant, but I'll take that over some fat munter dropping her pants infront of me, having a piss, and wiping up afterwards, any day.

Boy did I LOL at that one!

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Girls piss in groups. They're wierd.

Looking at the difference between ladies and gents toilets, I'd have to disagree.

Still, as long as Channel 4 showed her washing her hands afterwards, there's no problem - it's a good lesson to all slappers. They did show her washing her hands, right? She did wash her hands, right?

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