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*official* Big Brother 2005 Thread


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Once again Orlaith has claimed that she will walk if she is not evicted by the public.

Speaking to Craig in the garden this afternoon, she asked: "What should I care if Joe Bloggs public vote for me? I said to them that it's a waste of money."

She added: "I don't care what they think of me, I really don't care. I've done this long enough for my family - I'm not doing it any longer."

Part of the reason she is desperate to leave is because of "freak of nature" Derek. "No person has the right to make a young girl feel [that inadequate]," she explained. "Oh my God, I swear, I'm out of here tomorrow."

I wonder if she gets evicted tonight, will davina tell her that her dad has pretty much disowned her

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I wish they would have some sort Big Brother Legends series where they just put all the sweet people in. Either that or they just let someone like me choose the people who go in.

They had something like around christmas time where they had to make a panto, although the only decent person they had was Victor I think.

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offended by the fact he went into such graphic detail after the watershed plus thought he was perverted for giving a bloke a blowjob in a skip


But ok, fair enough!

And yeah, what's wrong with allowing us to VOTE ORLA ? :ph34r:

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I'm more surprised by that result than any other in recent seasons, but I like to think it has to do with the British public not tolerating bullying. That's a couple of huge scalps for Orlaith now, and she'll surely make it to the final if she doesn't walk. Makosi and Craig are dead in the water and it's only Eugene who's a certainty to beat her in a head to head at the moment. Additionally, I haven't seen her tits in ages, so she's learning

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