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So, game publishers don't have to do anything to implement this anymore. But what will I have to do to listen to my music on my Xbox 360? Will I need to rip all my CDs again?

Steinglass: Nope. Xbox 360 gives you flexibility around where you store your music. You can still rip CDs to the console's hard drive. But you can also store music on your PC and stream it to Xbox 360, or you can stream it from any portable media player, a Rio Carbon, or an iPod.

TriXie: No way. I can plug my iPod into my Xbox 360?

Steinglass: Yep. We know that a lot of people have spent a lot of time organizing their music on their PC or portable player. We see the Xbox 360 as replacing your CD player in your entertainment center, but also as the best digital media amplifier available. Your PC is a great place to manage your music, but it's not always the best place to enjoy it. With Xbox 360 you've got one central place to listen to all your music on the best sound system in the house.



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On both the wireless and wired controllers, the Ring of Light around the button (which is broken up into quarters numbered 1-4) even tells you which player you are in a split-screen game. This is more important with the wireless setup, we are told, because you won't have the USB port to tell you where you're plugged in.

Different types of controllers—dance pads, steering wheels, and the like—are sure to become available in some form or another in the future. Perhaps you'll even be able to use them for additional memory storage or some other function I'm not fit to conceive. "Keyboards and mice … these things have been discussed and are possible with this technology," Ranta told us. Then, he really started to dig into what the wireless version of the controller could do.

One of the coolest features of the Xbox 360 is that wireless connectivity for controllers is built into the console. That allows the designers of the innovative wireless controller to focus on making the best controller they can, rather than focusing on how to connect and what extra hardware will be required. The wireless controller will be available at launch, and a few months later we can expect some add-ons that will help keep the battery juice going as long as you need it.

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