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At launch it had a bunch of issues

* Graphics glitches, minor and/or severe (depending on your drivers and GPU)

* Events won't trigger / dead ends

* Random crashes

* Severe memory leaks, as soon as the game eventually runs out of memory it crashes - don't think about buying this if you have less than 2gb of RAM.

* Utterly terrible keyboard/mouse controls - don't even think of getting this if you don't own an Xinput compatible controller! (one of the mini games asks you to move the mouse-wheel up and down simultaneously in the default set-up)

It looks as if that's all been patched though and there's a fix to uncap the locked to 30fos frame rate. I may have to go and give it a look again if this is the case as I loved it on the 360.

It's always cheap during a steam sale £2-£3 so may be worth a punt then.

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Funnily enough I was thinking about playing this game again, and how if they did a remastered version of it, I'd end up buying it again (assuming the remaster was done well). The PC version was ok, but I remember it not running well at all, even on a PC that was more than what should have been needed. The 360 version of the game is the best one to go for, and pretty cheap. It's just got so much charm, and uses the school setting really well, and even though it's not nearly as big as a lot of the GTA games even when you've opened up the entire of the map, I prefer it to several of the GTA games. I also like how the town changes throughout the chapters as the school year progresses, taking in stuff like Halloween and Christmas.

Never actually completed it, and think my current save is about half way through. I've got a bit of a pile of shame as it is, but can probably make time to knock this one off the list.

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If he wants to talk about the game, what do you suggest he do? Start a new thread?

Thanks Xevious, that's what I thought.

No worries Elmo, sorry to dash your hopes for a sequel as this definitely deserves one ????

So, I completed it yesterday and even managed to get all cheevos (used a guide at the end to work out the trick to Shop Class & find some errands I completely missed for 100% completion).

It took me a while to get used to the systems in the game but when it clicked I absolutely couldn't stop playing. Brilliant, quirky pseudo-open world reminded me of Ocarina of Time in places and the graphics style did too.

Loved the whole story arc and the clichéd but still well rounded caricatures.

Absolute power corrupts and all that.

Anyway, chuffed that I maxed it out and highly recommend to anyone ????

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