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E3 Wishlist/predictions

Marzipan Travolta

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More details on Bioshock, the new game from Irrational, the spiritual successor to System Shock 2.

XBox 360 to be backwards compatible, and play original XBox games at a higher resolution.

"Revolution" details.

The new Zelda.

Mario 128.

PS3 details.

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On my wishlist:

An English translation (and release date) for Harvest Moon: Poems Of Happiness

An English translation of Giftpia

Nintendo Revolution

Next-gen home-console Metroid shown

Mario 128 (I'm almost scared it'll be shown!)

A 3D DS Zelda (Not 4 Swords)


Resident Evil 5

The new Mario game rumoured for GC

Next-gen Pikmin

More info on Black and White Creatures

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